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Awaken said:
Well, in all honesty, you didn't really need to go off and find a thread where she said something sexist.

This thread itself is sexist.

"Can women be sexist, too?"
What? So women are all of a sudden superior and do not have to bow down to all of the personality errors that men face?

Hmm...just a thought...
Awaken! That! Was the most intelligent thing you said on since i been on here :thumbsup:

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
woman are the only ones that are sexist. it is well known fact that men were created above women and that is why they are not sexist. however as a god given flaw (among many others) woman can be sexist...

that was a joke btw. but i think that woman can be just as sexist as men can be. have you ever seen or heard the "all guys are the same" phrase? that sounds like it to me. in my opinion woman have the possibility of being sexist. just as men do.