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shattered right clavical and 3 craked ribs


so bout 6 weeks ago i had forked out enough cash to pay for a holiday to the snow with sum mates. so we take tha 14 hour drive up there and after like 20 smoko stops lol we got there. the next day ma mates go for there lessons and me being the ultra smooth skier i am lol (not) decided to up by ma self so im havin a good time and meet a few chicks up on da slopes after a while im gettin cold and cant feel ma feet so i call ma mates and tell em im goin for one last run. so i go up and think to my self "jeez i wonder what it woulde be like to do a different slope" so i ski down this trail and take a wrong turn. i end up on an almost verticle frigin slope but i say to ma self f#!k it lets go. so half way down im doin pritty well untill i see this chick carvin her way down tha slope. i tried to move outa her way but tha bitch clipped me and that was anough to send me straight down the slope. then CRUNCH i lost ma balanced and ended up falin over. i managed to move ma neck but ma shoulder wasent so lucky. all i rember was hearin a big crunch noise in ma shoulder and then fukin aganey then blackness. i wake up 5 hours later in a hospital bed and ma shoulder and ribs straped like a motherfuk lol turns out the bone in ma shoulder had shattered and pierced through tha skin lol (it wasent nice to look at) so one of ma mates comes and gets me and i end up sittin in the hotel for another 6 days. all i had to amuse my self with was a playstation and a couple o paks o smokes lol :thumbsdn:

holy shit man thats harsh. i didnt snowboard all winter because i was afraid of it ruining my rowing season because of an injury.
Yea, that's really rough man, it must have sucked to get injured during a vacation.