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She thought I was retarded

In middle school, I remember this girl named Lilian, who's Asian, and I liked Asian girls. I found that, like the shallow ***** I am, I liked her for her looks, which was like an Asian prepubescent girl. She was smart though too, but she was'll find out later. I wanted to go out with her so badly, but she either didn't notice me or she didn't care or both.

Let me just skip the life story shit and get straight to the good shit.

This dumb ass ****** once pushed me into the wall and she highfived him. Okay. My retarded ass still liked her after that, but I doubted this bitch. The icing on the cake was when she told me that the only reason she spoke to me the first time she saw me was because she thought I was retarded.

But that's just the icing. We were talking about sex one time in this group and she said something along the lines of...I don't fucking know. I just remember the time I once said I would fuck her X10. It was so terrible because I didn't know how to respond when she asked "Oh yeah? You would fuck me till I'm dry X10".

It's fine though; she had a flat chest and a flat ass anyways.


I really wish this thread was in Taters...
It may be on its way...

TooSmartRetard; Keywords - Middle School. What can a prepubescent teen know of the laws of attraction? You know of magnetism. You know of the hand to the crotch. And you know of the warm comfortable embrace of Mommy after a long hard day of eating paste and paper mache. You may know of love. But it is hardly understandable as to what being "In love" means. All you know of at that age is to drop your junk into some teenaged girl who knows very little of the ramifications of your pushing your pee-pee betwixt her lap. That, my overly excited friend, is called The Charlie Sheen. To which neither of you could ever bode well from. For now, do everyone a favor and stick to what you know best for a few more years. Pizza day in the lunchroom, Minecraft, cartoons, the knuckle shuffle and very lucid masturbatory wet dreams. Your parents will more than thank you both later in life.

Now, quit your fucking bitchin' before I cast this thread and EWE down to the sodomites at the bottom of Tater and Haters Hell.


It was probably a very uncomfortable moment when you recently realized that Lilian was right but don't please obsess about it. Once you master the art of making lists: to do lists, shopping lists, girls to hit on lists etc it is possible to appear functionally normal in public places. A helpful hint; when the unpaid bills start accumulating, open them and use all the return envelopes to write lists on, they fit perfectly in the pocket so you never lose your lists.


I once ate broccoli
I don't want to sound redundant but... Lilian was so fucking right. Is your name Mongo McTard?


Rey de Currumpaw
Next time just stare into your smartphone, laugh occasionally and then like the person's post. Then it won't matter if you're retarded.

Jose Nadala MD

Banned - What an Asshat!
Ever notice how gimps against all odds and diversity get applause, but only because they are already socially functional and have strong support systems in the first place?

Where is the applause for us doomed friendless human cousinoids who somehow make it in this world full of real diversity that you create and would not even give the credit to call such diversity?

It takes a retard to plan the limited future for a somebody else from their own loins when they cannot even begin to fathom how far that will go or even be considering mercy for their descendant that will ultimately know hell.
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You know, I have the opinion that she was wrong. Why? Because I will never date again? I learned my lesson. It takes retards 1 million times to not get burned by a stove and once more for good measure.
I really wish this thread was in Taters...
Well, now that I understand even more how this forum works, I'm really glad I can now shit on myself even though that's not how it works. I love making fun of myself, but I'm too retarded and lazy to do it myself. Bring it on, you Irish potatoes!

(Sorry about the double post, BTW. The edit button is gone. Do replies and comments do that after a few hours?)