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Shit happends

On saturday i had my official worst day in my life. I got beaten and arrested. Ok, so i had a couple of beers at my place then went to chill with my friends. There is that girl i know, i respect her and everything but when i am under alcohol i can say shit i dont mean but what i say is usually true. So i said stuff like why does she have a boy friend that is 6 years older then her (she is 16), i know its not my busyness but when im drunk i just dont care. Anyway i soon ralized that i was wrong so i apologized and we hugged and everything was cool untill her boyfriend with his friend showed up. They still were mad at me from the last time so they just needed a reason to fuck my life up some more. Didnt care that i apologized so they just started talking shit like do i stand up for my words and shit. Now like any sane person would do i should have just taken their threats seriosuly and should have apologized to them because those guys hold the whole neighborhood and they are the peoeple that no one should mess with. But i being myself, not respecting the thug life and not taking street people seriosuly didnt apologze and didnt pay any respect to them for that matter. So i got rushed by her looser boyfriend (yes looser cuz he has a gf that is 16) and that mobster, got my expensive shirt ripped and my golden cross lost. I fought back pretty well but after they got some punches through the defense everything was in fog so they were just steamrolling with fists at my face because i couldnt defend and aim accurately. I passed out for a sec. Everything was over by then. After an hour or so i had a talk with their godfather who is georgian and shouldnt be messed with. ANyway he said that since im young and stupid he will spare my life and would tell everyone else not to do shit to me cuz i dont know waht im talking about. Said that he would feel ashamed if he would raise his hand on me for some reason. Anyway the other guy was still pissed at me because i hit him in the face and said that he will meet me sometime after. Ok so after all this shit happening i decided to drink some beer with my pussy ass friends. We wnt to a park and got a $ 150 ticket for drinking in public place even though it was dark and nobody else besides us was there. What can i say, its very interesting that shit tends to happen all at once in one day. Now i dont know what to do, i was going to buy a glock from the georgians but now they dont want to have any deals with me. And i have no way of protecting myself from that georgian's uber dude brother that has alot of russian mob connections. They will probably confront me at school and will ask to step outside and if i refuse they will catch me on a street and shovel in a car where they might hurt me pretty bad. So i know that all they want is to beat me to gain respect but that will involve multiple people which is scarry. I have seen them doing a footwork on some other poor guy and its not a pleasant view. I dont want this shit to happen to me. So what are my options? I have no clue how to make custom firearms and now i dont have anyone who got my back. Should i just let them send me to the hospital?
Sounds like you life's pretty rough. Sorry. I dunno what I would do either. You can't rat out to the police because than you would get killed, and if you can't really protect yourself, then I don't know what to say. Wish I knew how to help...


I dunno. Could you maybe go back and appologize to all offended parties? I dunno. I wouldn't have even messed with that crowd. Then again, I live at least 10 miles from any civilization.


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Yeah I agree. Given that he's from that kind of background and that you don't know anything else about him, trying to fight back doesn't make too much sense.
I think you have to call the guy you offended, and try to squash things.
Otherwise what you said is probably going to happen.

But dam.. that really sucks. Just a shitty day among the many.


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Your Options:

1.- Apologize: Look like a pussy. Everyone and anyone will kick your ass from there and on.

2.- Fight Back: You can try to fight back. You might either get killed or get your ass whooped. With this option you might gain some respect, but don't count on it.

3.- Run away: Not something I would do. But hey, it works. Go to your grandma or something and never come back.

Other than that, you are pretty much fucked.
Wow I wish I could say something to help but I'm clueless. Stuff like this makes me realize how lucky many of us are to live normal sheltered lives free of true violence.


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Stay away from them for a while. Doesn't sound like a continued confrontation will get you anywhere. Would you rather be a pussy or be beat-up/worse?

And try real hard to get your mouth under control. Apparently you are not gifted in negotiations.

Good luck. Hope it works out for you.


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I see where you're coming from; I'm in a similar situation, only I'm armed, and apparently you're not.

My best advice to you is to either find a gun and lay low for a while (a long while if need be, the thing is to avoid confrontation unless absolutely necessary), and have the gun in case they force you into a confrontation.

Or, you could blow town and hope they don't find you. Canada's a huge country; you're likely to be able to get away.


How about, not drinking?

You got yourself into the situation, you probably deserve what you got coming to you.
Im 17 yrs old, i have nowhere to run. If i stab or shoot somebody i will probably get killed, i wont even make it to the cops. Today is monday nobody came to see me but my friends told me that they were asking questions about me, like who am i friends with and what i do. I could always stab myself and go to a hospital for some time, so maybe theyll forget. I have been thinking about that but its scarry, i dont think ill be able to do it.


Jesus, don't fucking stab yourself! If you beat one of them savagely enough (baseball bat, wrench, etc..) and tell him his friends are next, maybe they'll leave you alone. Or maybe they'll kill you. Who can tell with such a thing.


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Not your enemy said:
Im 17 yrs old, i have nowhere to run. If i stab or shoot somebody i will probably get killed, i wont even make it to the cops. Today is monday nobody came to see me but my friends told me that they were asking questions about me, like who am i friends with and what i do. I could always stab myself and go to a hospital for some time, so maybe theyll forget. I have been thinking about that but its scarry, i dont think ill be able to do it.
FUCK man, if this is a real post, and I assume you are being serious... I feel for you! There's lots of advice above, but you seem to have put down what your options are.

All I can say is, play it cool, but be prepared. (Knife, Gun, Whatever) Don't start shit, if they do, try to take as many of them with you as possible. If you can't run, then this seems to be your only option. I hope you don't have to kill anyone or be killed over something so trivial. Good luck.

What a world............


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wow. what the hell happened to him?

Anyways, you can't fuck with the mafia, even a small time mafia, unless you have weapons/explosives, brains, skills and connections, and cold blood, wich I assume you don't.

If I were you I'd tell the cops, they'll protect you. then just move away. You wouldn't be a pussy for that. You're a pussy if you run away from someone your own size. Running away from a bunch of armed and stupid thugs is the only smart move in your case. Don't appologize. Just go.
crap, sucks to be him, ive never experienced mucha that around theese cowtown parts. i doubt were going to be hearing from him for a while.
Wow, I can't it would really help you if you had some friends with balls, that's normally how I get out of all my ordeals, noone in town messes with me or any of my friends, of course I have a broken neck right now so I'm not really "in the scene anymore." I doubt that a mafia or small time gang is actually going to try to kill you if you are only 17, I know some gangs near where I live and they normally don't waste too much time on people so young.

A gun is the wrong way to go because you will get yourself killed NO matter what if you get a gun. I have 2 friends that were recently killed by the Mexican Mafia so my best advice to you would be go to the cops if your life is threatened.


Probably not of much use to be giving the dude advice, as this thread originated THREE MONTHS ago. Not that it is a long time, but he's probably been shot, stabbed, beaten, or othewise mangled in inexplicable ways by now.