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Fresh Meat
Well heres my situation: I was invited in to this band, the other members were a grade higher then me, and wern't really good. I play drums, I'm amazing for my age, so our band stumbles through 2 weeks of practicing on and off, and two members end up leaving. So the crazy ass bitch singer goes apeshit trying to find more people, she pulls up a guy who can play guitar insane. I ALMOST ended up quitting, today was the day of the dress rehearsal for school, and we sounded like SHIT. So, here I am, one day before the concert, and I walk up to the singer on stage, and tell her I quit, then jump off. Then starts the guilt trip, my brother (who was once telling me to quit) is telling me to rejoin, and I get all this shit about you can't quit on the day before a concert. So I feel like turd, I'm thinking of calling her back and telling her I'm still in the band, but I'm not sure. The last two weeks with that group were a living hell for me... and the new guitar player might quit, then we are fucked anyway.