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Short break


You're my number two
LiberatioN said:
I'll be gone until Tuesday night for school orientation. Rock (& rant) on, guys. :thumbsup:

Liberation, out.
Excelent, that'll give us time to take the server offline, and do some hardware replacement. I figure we can take our time bringing the site back up then.

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
icka said:
people really announce that they are going away for a few days?

ill have to remember this!
Well it's nice, some people go and everything goes haywire. :( or they go and never come back! I won't meantion names! :(
well hao am i supposed to know what your talking about if you don't mention names? sheesh! GOSSIP WOMAN!
have fun lib, wear a condum honey! :thumbsup:


Trance Addict
Hahaha...I can already tell that Texas State is gonna own.

The first (and only) night we stayed in the dorms on campus, some guy brought an 18-pack of beer and got an MIP. I heard him bitching the next morning while checking out.

Orientation was pretty cool; I met alot of guys from San Antonio that went to other HS's and I saw a girl who I used to go to middle school with (and she's HOT now...hehe; who woulda known?). Come to think of it, TSU has alot of fine chicks...I've already fallen in love with like 10 of them.

Definitely stop by San Marcos if you're ever in Texas and we'll go down to the river or spend some time in town. :thumbsup: