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short one. titleless


Flame Bait
All these signs that I’ve received all along
Through these past months have I read them all wrong?
A deceptive maze with an obvious end
But when I look up, I’m at the beginning again
The others before me emerge the puzzle with ease
I’m confused like a mouse being led on by cheese
My goal so near, as far as the tip of my nose
But as I reach out I'm met by the thorns on the rose
Prevented from succeeding, like it's not meant to be
The only one bottled up, never destined to be free
The flow could use some minor adjustments. The emotional element, and point seem to be a fairly common. Though, that is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. The tone seems to be consistent with the mood created by word choice, and structure. The point seems to come across nicely, considering the how short the poem itself is.

Overall decent poetry, could be better with some work.

(Just some friendly criticism, take it as you will.)