Short Story


Angel of Death
It is one of those things you don’t talk about much. Not for the fact that you might be embarrassed by it. It’s just the fact if you told anyone they would think you’re weird and insane. Probably lock you up and discard you for a schizophrenia psycho.

When most people ask about my family I simply lie. My brother and I ran away from our abusive parents and came out here. We somehow made a living and here we are. Not so far from the truth but then people eat up mushy heartbreaking tale.

Fact I don’t even know where to start or what to make of it. I often dream of the past or should I say I am haunted by it. Something I can’t tell if the dreams really happened or not. But every time I awaken there is a cross in my hands. I know I never go to bed with one and each one is different. Sometimes it still burns when I touch it a little. However, I believe it is a message telling me God has not given up on my soul or the Devil being playful and trying to remind me of who I am or what I am?

A nun once told me, “ I am that which I chose to be…” she lowered her eyes a bit and said “there is a darkness that can not be changed in me but a light that can be shown threw.”

Strange for a nun to say that and even stranger for me to reflect upon it. Perhaps I don’t want to be what I am and I chose to be something else. It is after all a novel idea to be a different star upon the stages of the world. Then again that choice is beyond my control. Those who believe in fate will tell you that there is no such thing as control only a path to follow. Other will argue that fate is simply a guiding light shining in the direction we need to go, leading us before allowing us to find our destiny. Funny thing about life, death and fate is there is a million different ways to see it and a million different people trying to define and only one is right. Maybe, just maybe it is fate that brought me to where I am.

Certainly I have no control over who adopted my brother and I. I don’t remember why we were there, how we got there, who our parents were or anything before the adoption. I just remember leaving the building and driving. We must of drove for hours upon hours. I would look out the window and it seemed like we were driving the same stretch of road over and over again. Grass, fence, cow! Repeat.

Finally the car begin to slow down and turned a sharp corner down a gravel road. I remember looking out the back of the window to see dust clouds swirling behind the car. There I swear I seen an angel. She had this sad look on her face and seemed to be chasing after us. I thought for a moment that this was a blessing. A good blessing telling me everything was going to be alright. I have since learned to be more careful about declaring things a “blessing” in life.

I remember the longer we drove on the gravel road the darker it seemed to get and the further back the imagine of the angel seem to be. Finally I could see her no longer and shifted my attention elsewhere. There was this strange cloudy mist everywhere and it was not like normal fog. It was heavier, stickier and left a burnt taste of meat in your mouth. Now even to this day I still get a little nervous in fog.

As the car begin to slow down I started to unbuckled myself to look out the window easier. I was trying to see a house, the place where I would live. However, I couldn’t see anything. There was just darkness and fog. Finally the car stopped and the man got out and open the back door for us. I stood there confused and more afraid then I ever thought I could be. Then again at that time I didn’t know what “true” fear was. The man lead us up to an old metal gate that was so bitterly cold it hurt my fingers to even touch it.

“Go on pass the gate, remember to lock it once inside. Then follow and stick to the path… When you reach a door just knock upon it and your mother and father will await you,” he said in a deep monotone voice. I remember trying to search for warmth in his words but I couldn't find any. I was so cold, that I just opened the gate hastily grabbed my brother by the hand turned to take one last glimpse at the man as I locked it and then started to run as fast I could. I could hardly see the path in front of me. It kept twisting and turning and there were these sharp thorns biting at my flesh every time I missed stepped, even if it was just a little. I kept going faster and faster until I reached some stone steps and found myself face to face with a big, old, wooden door. I took a deep breath, look at my brother who was almost in tears and knocked upon it. I guess this is where it all starts. When fate intervenes with my life.


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for some reason i had goose bumbs when i read the last 3 sentences....really good story KIT :thumbsup:


Angel of Death
I remember thinking that they were going to be wonderful. That they were going to toss their arms around us and welcome us in warmly with smiles. Everything was going to be alight. After all I had seen the angel and she had blessed us. I wanted to make myself believe that I was being afraid for no reason. I quickly learned never to allow myself to live in such a delusional state again.

The door open and before us stood a dimly lit long hallway with dark blood red walls and wooden floors. The woman standing behind the door was aged beyond her youth. Her hair was midnight black and tightly pulled back, her dress was a dark blue color and very long. She was very slim with searing dark eyes that almost glowed and thin narrow lips. Her face held no expression and was very plain with a pale complexion.

“Go down the hallway to the left.” she said in an almost unnatural sounding voice

My brother looked at her for a moment with wide eyes. I could tell he was wondering the same thing I was and mistakenly he spoke it, “Are you our new mother?”

She quickly turned around and knelt down on her fragile knees and looked him dead in the eyes. Here face being about an inch from his. Her no expression had faded into almost fitting array of rage. My brother was so scared that I felt his whole body tense up as his grip almost crushed my hand. When she opened her mouth an old, foul order escaped it along with a slithery hiss of words.

“Boy, do not ask such questions. I told you what to do. There should be NO NEED for me to tell you any more.” Then she shifted her cold glare towards me. I took a deep gulp and went to speak but was cut off, “Silence foolish girl. You will find no more warmth this.” She then got up never taking her eyes off of us until we reached the end of the hallway. I turned to take a glance back at her. I realized then that the only true enjoyment this woman held was in her eyes and the more my brother and I feared her the more they sparkled.

As I walked into the other room I felt so strange like someone had betrayed my mind. I didn‘t really take notice to anything around me. I was struggling with trying to remember anything before arriving here. There was bits and pieces here and there but nothing recognizable. It was as if everything I had known before had scattered and left me in this shallow mystery of unknowingness.

“SIT.” a rather harsh voice said. “ SIT DOWN NOW!”

This time the voice was most defiantly male. It was strong and hungry sounding. I kept wondering if once we sat down if the owner of that voice would devours us. I was hesitant but already knew that if I didn’t sit at that moment something much worse was going to happen.

I climbed up on the chair as quickly as I could. The chair was strong wooden brown and once upon it I could see the full length of the table stretched out in front of us. The room was very dark. Almost a dusky gray and even the exquisite chandler that hung above us let out very little light. There was a strange rug beneath the table. It had black threading and a gold outline. The shapes depicted on it remind me of stirring shadows. It left a very uneasiness in me as I stared at it, my eyes staying fixed on it until I heard a very unusual voice.

It was the type of voice that made the hair on the back of your neck rise up. It was light and airy but held this twisted demonic sound with in it. I could only make out that it was a female. The words at that time were hard for me to understand. It was like she was speaking in tongue. I tried not to look up, after all I didn’t want to find out who owned such a voice.

Finally I had no choice as I felt this weird feeling upon my flesh. I soo realizes that someone had placed their hands on me. It was cold and a deathly grip on my face turning it upwards. At first I could only see this long fiery brown hair and piercing green eyes before her imagine took hold.

She was beautiful in such an unpleasant way. I tried to think of something to say but my mind was so confused and clouded. All these strange things started to take hold in it. It was as if I was awake dreaming of a nightmare and all I could really see were her deathful green eyes. I can clearly remember it being one of the last times I allowed myself to daydream.


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wow. Great emotion mixed with presence. Excellent. Gives me the creeps, by the way, and thats not an easy feat.


Angel of Death
It was about this time I notice my brother still clutching my hand. I stood there staring at the woman’s face trying hard not to blink. I didn’t really know what to do say or how I was suppose to think. When she finally let go of my face I looked over at my brother and went to give him a comforting smile. That’s when I felt it. A heavy “SMACK” against my face. I looked up to see the woman’s eyes in a deep red gleam of pleasure.

“Now that I got you attention. I want to go over the rules of this house.” He said in a low awkward voice. Almost like he was forcing himself to be somewhat pleasant. His nails kept digging into the table I found myself focusing on that more then what he was saying. “No Talking is permitted at the hour of dusk. There will be no laughter or crying allowed in house. You can go outside and play beginning the hour of dawn and must be in the house before the sunset.” he paused for a moment and said something to the lady in tongue. She just let out a slight ear pricing giggle then started speaking.

“You do not ask question, you do as your told and bedtime comes right after dinner. You are allowed to eat once in the morning and once at night. You will remain in perfect order at all time. I want you and this house kept clean. Each of you will have a list to do and expect it done.” with that she tossed it out in front of us. My brother just stared at he was just barely 5 and I squeezed his hand hoping he would stay quite and not mention it.

“I can read yet.” he cried out with a few tears falling from his eyes.

“WHAT!” she screamed in a horrid voice. “THEN YOU WILL HAVE NO FREETIME TILL YOU CAN” she paused turning towards me, her finger square in my face. “ YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO TEACH HIM.” she slammed her fist on the table before sitting down and looking at the man who finished up the rest of the rules.

“You will only speak in the house if you need to. Outside you are free to talk. You will never direct us, you will only respond when we talk to you. Most importantly you will not leave your room at night, you will not go near or in the basement. You will stay away from the end of the drive way. THESE ARE THE MOST IMPORANT! Do not consider this house your home. IT is NOT!!” he then quitted down and I could hear some strange noise coming down the hallway. It was steps and a thump. It was getting louder and closer. I could feel that my brother wanted to cry. I never looked over at him just squeezed his hand until I felt blood pooling in my own. I did my best to keep it from falling on the floor.

Finally an elderly woman made her presents in front of us. She reminded me of what I always thought my grandmother would look like. She had a sweet smell about her, rosy cheeks and snow white hair.

“Guest,” she said with a delightful sound “What is your name and age.’ She had this warm gleaming smile about her.

“ I am Lisa and I am 8. My birthday is on March 13th. And he is my little brother Travis. He only five and his birthday is December 10.” I remember sounding almost cheerful until I felt the burning glare from above.

“The old woman just looked at the other two adults in the room. Her faced shifted gears a little bit and soundly her warm voice shifted as she begin to speak in their tongue. It was almost as if they were fighting.

“Go to bed” the old woman said. “Tracey will show you to your room and things.” She gave us a slight smile. I was so happy to see her kindness to me. If only I would of truly known the price of that kindness.

“One more thing” the man said. “You get one candle and one candle only for the rest of the year. So burn the light only as you need it.”