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Headlines Should Bush Be Replaced?

Would you replace Goerge Bush?

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Would you replace Goerge Bush? And Why would you? And who would you replace him with? (somebody reasonable)


Lay out!
haha, i asked my friend this question he says

"anyone with more sense than him. so a plastic bag"

personally, i've got no idea.


Chaotic Neutral
I'd replace the whole fucking administration with people less corrupt and more socialistic, on par with the peoples need and not the needs of the elite and corporations.


Original Dicksman
If Bush were to be impeached or something, would you really would Dick-head Cheney to be the president? That fucker may actually be worse than Bush.


I dont know who would be worse, But Bush was just trying to finish what his dad didn't such as the persian gulf war. :thumbsdn:


Noooooo! I don't want my bush replaced!

Oh, meant George Bush. In that case, disregard my vote. I meant to click yes.




zoloftcasserole said: bush, you know..........

It was a joke, cause I accidently clicked no when I meant to click yes.
Ya, I know what bush your talking about! :thumbsup:


The right is wrong
I would replace Bush with Ed Schultz.
Ed Schultz Show
He represents me more then any other person I know of.
Listen to the man then make up your mind.

About ed from his site:

Ed Schultz is talk radio in the Dakotas. His pull-no-punches, progressive and informed personality has elevated him to the top of his game. Not only is he wildly popular, he is profitable: a word used to describe only a handful of progressive radio talk show hosts in America.
A Virginia native, Ed was lured to the Plains on a football scholarship at Moorhead State in Moorhead, Minnesota. He became a high-profile athlete and an All-American quarterback. After taking a shot at playing professional football, he returned to Fargo, North Dakota, where he put his talents to work as a sportscaster. He spent nearly 15 years providing play-by-play and color commentary for local teams, and serving as Sports Director and Anchor for WDAY-TV (ABC), prepping him for his natural transition to talk radio host on KFGO 790-AM, in Fargo.
Ed launched "News and Views," a regional talk show in 1992. His bombastic nature, fearless approach to topics and innate ability on radio quickly catapulted him to the top of the ratings chart, where he still maintains a 20+ share in a five-state market. Ed was the lead talent for KFGO AM which won numerous awards including "The Marconi" (News/Talk/Sports Station of the Year), "The Peabody" in 1997, and two individual "Eric Sevareid" Awards (First place Talk/Large Market) in 2002 & 2003.
Ed's views starting shifting left-of-center upon meeting Wendy, a psychiatric nurse, now Ed's wife and producer. For one of their first dates, Wendy invited Ed to join her for lunch at the Salvation Army shelter where she worked so he could witness the "bums" he so often chastised on his show. Ed's epiphany was found in the faces and stories of the people he met, and his views began to change.
As he questioned his dyed-in-the-wool beliefs, he and Wendy took "News and Views" on the road in the Big Eddie Cruiser, a customized motor home, to connect with the people. They met families and farmers. People losing their farms, struggling to make ends meet and keep their way of life. Ed determined that America could do better and it was on that trek that Ed found his true, progressive voice.
Ed's "Straight Talk from the Heartland" makes him a 21st Century Teddy Roosevelt who believes the salvation of the American people lies in their voices, not in the parties. He represents the thousands of Americans whose collective beliefs are the foundation of the United States.
In an industry where the conservative voice is king, Jones Radio Networks is banking on Schultz's popularity, talent and progressive political bent to become one of the dominant radio voices of the nation. Schultz's fearless approach to going voice-to-voice against such radio heavyweights as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity has helped him earn the overwhelming support of listeners, powerful politicos and top-level business leaders. Broadcasting from the heart of America in Fargo, The Ed Schultz Show made its debut on January 5, 2004, and is now heard on more than 80 affiliate stations, along with both XM and Sirius satellite radio.
The promise of an effective voice on the airwaves has captured the attention of media nationwide. From CNBC to The Today Show, CNN to Esquire, The Dennis Miller Show to The LA Times, the nation's top media is paying attention to Ed Schultz and are interested in his formula for successful talk radio. When not going voice-to-voice against radio heavyweights Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, Ed continues to feed his passion for sports and the great outdoors. He loves to fish, hunt, and golf with his son David, a nationally rated golfer at Texas Christian University. He and Wendy base out of Fargo and have six children.


I wouldn't replace Bush, cause no man can bend the American economy on the right track again. Even Santaclaus couldn't do that.

The other point is, it doesn't matter who number 1 is.
The real power is somewhere else.
Bush is just a puppet on a string.


RedOctober said:
I wouldn't replace Bush, cause no man can bend the American economy on the right track again. Even Santaclaus couldn't do that.
The only reason why he had to is because he got it of track and i don't think it is back on track. People are still dying there.


A Rampant Vagitarian
I´d replace Bush with some big-eared, ignorant, naiive and war-enthusiastic hawk from a famous family, maybe one with a former president as a close relative. A republican, neo-con and corrupted. And I´d also take some of the main people behind the Nam war to run his government. Hawks are just what the US needs... I´d make John Bolton the UN ambassador, make the main person behind the iraq and afghan wars the leader of the world bank. read Paul Wolfowitz.
These people could use propaganda and terror to manipulate the US people and in the end lead USA to a full-on crisis with Iran.

That´d be great

No wait.