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Headlines Should children be tried as adults for the worst crimes?


Skorch said:
I think all premeditated cases are probably worthy of stricter punishment, but I'm also not sure if sending a child to federal-pound-me-in-the-ass prison is going to provide the healthiest experience for rehabilitation either. But then again, I don't know exactly what they do with kids found guilty in adult court, do they send them to the same prison facilities? Maybe someone can clue me in on that, it's been a while since I watched any Law and Order eps with child murder cases

no a kid found guilty of a crime whether or not they were tried as an adult, i believe would go to a juvenile prison until he was 18.


Banned - What an Asshat!
i belive that it's not the child fault if his dad has a ton of guns and his kid tryes to imitate some shit from a tv or a game or somethin'... i suggest not tobe tried as adults cause in the first place they aren't awere of what they did and the first proplem is how that happend... with a gun? from where? who would let a gun near a stupid dumb child??? or a knife? i don't think a kid has enough strenght to knock someone off wit a knife or a bat... usualy kids who commit murder use things that may not know what are they doing or if they do they are just curious to see what it does... so i don't think you whould see a kid that stabbed someone and died or beat someone or any other brutal methods of death... just a button, a switch a trigger. something that in the child's stupidity would not be bad... anyway theese kind of objects shoud be kept away from children, and in some cases crazy adults too... and they are.. that why you don't see this shit happen every day..