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Should I pop the pills?

Should I take the "non-habit forming" sleeping pills?

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Yay fire!
I haven't been sleeping well lately. I got these sleeping pills to help me, and it seems that whenever I go off of them, I can't sleep anymore. I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, and I'm not going to get much sleep tonight either, unless I take those damn pills. The box says they're non-habit forming, but I don't know... It seems like they are to me. I want to sleep, I have a test tomorrow, but I don't want to get hooked on these damn things and be dependent on them for a good night's sleep from now on. What should I do?


Yay fire!
I took the pills. It'll be happy sleepy naked nite-nite beddy-bye time before long.

You'll be able to tell the progress of the pills as the coherence of my posts declines tonight. :thumbsup:


Hella Constipated
Ambien is pretty hard to get addicted too...What kind of pill is that?
Ferengi, where's the love?

You want some quality to your thread, then you follow these steps.

1. You make the post, with an explanation of your question.

2. You make the poll.

3. People vote, and post accordingly, while you respond to them in a funny whimsical way.

4. Then you tell our posters the results of what you've done, most likely based on the results of your poll. (because the internet owns you and your actions.) Make sure this step is done after three pages of replies have been created.

5. Other posters will reply in smartass ways, or with one or two sentence posts that make little to no sense. You will join them.

6. Now a thread is ready for deletion after being beaten like a dead horse.

Analyzing things is a bitch, eh?

Edit: Oh yeah...Descent, how'd I know you'd bring Ambien into this?


The guy with the fast KIA
Switch over to using Valarian root. Its a supplement and you can get it at your local wal-mart or something. Its a root that helps calm your nerves, helps you sleep, and best of all, it helps releive withdrawl symptoms of anything, including if you're trying to get off some bad stuff, like crack or heroin. It'll just make things a lot easier.


i'm not even going to tell the story of my mate getting severe diarrhea from a pill because that would be off topic