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I"m really not sure where to put this- it's about a significant other, but she didn't do anything wrong for me to bitch about sooo i didn't think it belonged in the other forum.
ok, i was new my freshman year at an extremely snobbish school. This girl there, I'll kall her Kendall, kind of took me under her wing and she was a lot of fun. I found out that she was a lesbian and she had a major crush on me. I was flattered, but a little weirded out at first. I kissed her one day and made her late home so from then her mom banned her from seeing me because of a "vibe". We still liked eachother but i found out i was moving so i broke it off. She was sad for a long time but we stayed in contact and she held out hope for me for so long. Finally one day i said fuck it, let's just go out long distance as well as we can. When i went up to visit my mother, I saw her for the first time since we decided to go out. THings couldn't have been more wonderful, she is soo hot and confident now (she kind of resembles angelina jolie) and we spent a whole night watching movies with her friends until they all fell asleep- then things got a bit more fun. But anyway, i love her so much and i am finally feeling how hard this is going to be to be away from her. I would just move back but i just got accepted into an art school that is really hard to get into- so it would be really stupid to pass this opportunity up. I can't call her when i want to either because her mom still thinks we don't talk. SIgh, this is going to be a long couple of years... :(


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She looks like Angelina Jolie?

Go for it :thumbsup:

In all seriousness, something that I've found is a viable solution is to say "Oops! Wrong number!" if her mom picks up the phone, and then try again later. That's how I used to talk to my sister when she worked at Sears: If anybody but Maegen picked up with phone, I'd say "Oops! Wrong Number!"

You could try that with Angelina. I know that her real name is Kendall, but a guy can dream, can't he?

Heh heh. Good luck in school :thumbsup:


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durtytoothbrush said:
I think if i would have titled this "MY lesbian girlfriend and our problems.." i would have gotten more responses

Now you're catching on. :thumbsup: