Single-motherhood from the son's perspective


I come from a single-parent household, but it wasn't always like that. Before my mother and father moved to Texas, they lived together under one roof in New York, but by they eventually didn't. Still, my father dated other woman and my mom's only sexual partner was very likely only my father. This is just background to how I grew up in a single-parent household and my siblings did not.

Anyways, I realized how fucked up single-parent households were due to how my mother fails to discipline my disrespectful older brother. He sells weed and smokes it in the restroom, as strangers knock on our door asking for him, not even a goddamn hello from them. So rude, huh? and my sister have noticed how my mom fails to keep her promise of disciplining my older brother despite the years of disrespect and home wrecking since his middle school days. She can never truly say no to him, but if she did, then maybe he'd be a changed man already or he'd be the same but not annoying.

I'm not sure and I'll never be, but I think if my father were a bit more faithful and stayed with my mother after my birth or was around much more often, my brother would certainly be a different man, and maybe I'd be too, but that's a thread for another day.

TD;LR single-motherhood is a terrible concept to actually experience.

But hey, it could be worse!
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I used to discipline my older brother. My parents we’re divorced, my brother is in his third divorce and I’m married. Uh - once.