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Sirens on the radio


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
All I want to know is what fucking dillweed decided it would be funny to start a radio spot with sirens.

Driving down the road, with the radio on, all of a sudden SIRENS. Big, LOUD, mother fucking, cop pulling you over to Rodney King your ass SIRENS. Then some fucktard on the radio pipes up with the "Sale of the Century" at CrapMart. Sure, I realize it's a commercial but for that first few seconds I was running through the list of all the things I've done wrong enough to warrant sirens...

As if driving isn't agravating enough.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Helped get what the commerical wanted. Got you to listen. Though I do not favor it at all. And want to strangle the person who first came out with this idea.


Yay fire!
There's also one around here that makes you think a fucking big rig is pissed off at you. It immediately starts out with a frantic semi-truck horn and it takes you a second to realize that "OH SHIT, there's NOT actually a pissed off trucker behind me.. I can pay attention to the road AHEAD of me again!"

Fucking dickheads :mad:.