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Site News and Away Time


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!

You might have noticed that I haven't been able to be around as much. I've been going through a tough time recently with a few things through the month of November and I'm just now trying to get back on my feet. I appreciate everyone's patience with the lack of response to e-mails and feedback lately. I will slowly get back to answering everything as soon as I can...

I will also be doing quite a few little site updates when i have the ability to do so. While we're still apparently running the latest software updates, we have a few new features and some old ones that have updates available so I will be taking care of those as soon as real life allows...

Lastly, we will be moving forward with the t-shirts and it's a good time to do so. Our t-shirt (and other merchandise) provider has *finally* launched black shirts. Perfect for what we're looking for. Flames should be quite nice with the contrast!

Again, I apologize for so much away time. It's been very difficult for me but I barely have had 5 minutes on a computer. My life has to come first.

P.S. God Bless you James.


No need to apologize for taking care of things at home, J. That should always come first. You know we'll always be here to lend support and sarcasm if you should need it. We should all hope that there's nothing too serious going on for you, (like your parole revocation) as the news around here as of late has been tough enough.

Nevertheless, you should know that if you need it, you've got a few thousand monkeys that have your back. As far as the site stuff, The Porn and Popcorn Forum can wait. I've been waiting this long, a few more weeks will hurt nothing. It's cool knowing that I'll probably be wearing a one and only "WTF T-shirt" before long. Anyhoo...I hope everything works out for you and your family soon.