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Sittin in school


College Punk
so im sittin in computer lab trying to look up shit to become a cop. Go to google i type in " how to become a cop" i get about 3trillion hits but guess this the first two are apply to get your Criminal Justice Degree at university of Phoenix online. then the rest are all things on how cops suck ass. or these shitty first hand accounts on why cops became cops. Everything i don't need to put in my report. I go to the security guard in school, ask him "how can i get in a ride-a-long i need to get a interview for a paper. Nah no help at all. Sits in his mighty desk with chair as high as it can go. Arn't you the one who got busted for dealing in the parking alot. Nope then he gets his snooty look again then asks "you got a PO(parole Officer) don't ya. once again nope. then he asks me to refer to him as Sir. (in my mind im like fuck that) but with my tail between my legs i ask to be excused. Now Im deterred from being a cop. but damn why can't i get any kinda nice info on the internet on being a cop not just stories about how shitty they are. So now 3days till paper is due i got no info but enough shit to fill a dump truck on how "mabey" cops suck.

question anyone in this forum a Police officer with any links or info? Plus my library is full of hill billy books about on how spot runs for the red ball so im Shit out of luck there. Damn i hate school. 29days left and i can start my future at something.

there's my rant, i feel better.


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Ok, the ride along is the easiest thing in the world
Call dispatch (NOT 911) and tell them you want a ride along... they'll hook you up.

To be a cop you have to go through POST training.... I used to know what that meant... so do research on POST


Go risk your life uselessly by trying to capture criminals so you can prove yourself to the police force. Know what would be even more impressive, to go in without any gear other then normal clothes and take out a whole mafia gang.


College Punk
i'll do that for you Rurrouni, i take them out with my trusty .45 and a paper clip capice
original gangsters carried Tommy guns
packed the heavy shit not little pistol crap
they packed shit to get the job done.


Soul Doubt
No guys... you got it all wrong.

Do it Boondock Saints style...Kill in the name of the lord, the true scum of the world. If you're Irish, I mean... If you need another Irish guy to help out PM me :p lol