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I think I need to see a doctor or psychiatrist. I sleepwalk on a regular basis, sometimes waking up on my couch, sitting at the kitchen table, and sometimes even in my car. Well, this morning, I had what I guess you could call a more... serious incident. I woke up at 7:30 this morning in my car in the McDonald's parking lot with a cold order of pancakes sitting next to me... and I had no idea how I got there.
LUCKILY I was at least wearing some pants and a robe, but I could have just as easily showed up there in my underwear. What scares me the most, is that I actually managed to drive my car 2 miles while being completely unaware of it.
I remember dreaming about driving to my mother's house, and her making some pancakes for me. Whenever I sleepwalk, I almost always have a dream that ties in with wherever I am when I wake up... It can be quite disorienting sometimes.
So what do you think??? Should I see a doctor, psychiatrist, both, or niether?
I've heard they have medication that can sometimes control this sort of thing.

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that's pretty funny... and serious at the same time. i mean you could walk into a body of water and drown or walk into the middle of the road and get hit by a car.. anything could happen. yes i'd suggest you see someone, but try to avoid going on medication. it's a psychological thing and can be solved with therapy of some sort, depending on your situation. like hypnosis is a popular one so they can watch you sleepwalking and talk to you while it's happening type of thing.
good luck!


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haha... therapy... good times, good times. I used to see a psychiatrist every Thursday from the 2nd grade to the 5th grade. I'd have these terrible nightmares about people trying to kill me and my family, and demons abducting me and other horrible shit like that. I'd wake up screaming bloody murder and usually couldn't go back to sleep. I've been sleepwalking ever since I was 5, but me and my family never thought much of it.
But I do think that since it seems to be getting more serious I should seek some help.


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Try this:

The following method has been shown to reduce or eliminate sleepwalking. It is thought to interrupt the abnormal sleep pattern. · Log the number of minutes that pass from the time the person falls asleep to the time sleepwalking starts for several nights. · On the following nights, the person should be awakened 15 minutes before the start of the expected sleepwalking episode. This timing is based on the information gathered in the log. · The person should be kept awake for 5 minutes. · This procedure should be followed for 7 consecutive nights. · If sleepwalking begins again, the procedure should be repeated for 7 more consecutive days.



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You've heard of those dreams about how people say it felt like they were falling off of a cliff and they woke up before they hit the ground? In your case... well. Lets just hope you don't have that dream. I used to sleep walk, but never that badly. Once I was evidentally walking around the house, back and forth from my room to the kitchen... My mother was up. She asked me what I was doing... and I told her: "You said I had to do my homework." -- What in the hell was I smoking? That was just a rathing amusing sleepwalking moment of mine. But, I advise seeing a doctor. Either that, or just tie yourself down to your bed and hope that no one would want to decide to rape you while you're like that...


hmm.. driving to mcdonalds in your sleep...
do you have any friends or family who like to have "fun"?

i know alot of people who take advantage of situations just for a good laugh.. blame them.


i dont think sleepwalking is a matter of needing a pyschologist? i maybe wrong though. i would see a doctor first and have him recomend you to where you need to go. thats a serious problem! make sure you dont fall asleep in just your underwear!



Do you walk or talk in your sleep? If so,lets hear about it.

I have an eight year old step son who likes to walk in his sleep. Not a big deal.
The fun part is;apparently he feels the need to relieve himself in his sleep.

A few weeks ago,I was turding around on the internet,when I heard a strange sound from down the hall.
I'm like "WTF? I hear water running." I gaze down the hallway,flick the light switch on;there's layne,taking a piss in the middle of the hallway. Still snoozing. Completely oblivious that the toilet was "moved" into the bathroom. That sucked. Needless to say trying to wake him or stop his urinating was met with total failure. He went back to bed,leaving me with the mess.
I can't wait until he gehts older and I accidentally bring it up when he brings his girlfriend over.

I guess I've walked in my sleep as well. So,I'm told. Anyhoo,I was allegedly walking in my sleep one night.
I myself was looking to purge. I used to have a pet rabbit. I walked up to the rabbit cage,and proceeded to drop the hose.
Of course the wife stopped me,but not before the rabbit would go ape shit,fearing for it's life,at the sight of me ready to give it the hose. I'm not really sure what the pissing about the house means.


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Thats funny. I also walk and talk in my sleep, but mines are extremely violent. I have broken my wrist, fingers, and toes from punching and kicking walls and other objects in my sleep. as far as the talking goes I normally only mumble. I have never heard of someone pissing in there sleep tho. Thats just too funny for words. By the way did you ever finish the job with the rabbit? good luck with your son. I know from experience sometimes you don't get over sleepwalking.


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I do not sleep walk or talk in my sleep as I am told by my girlfriend. However my sister screams during her sleep.

One night I was hanging out with my friends outside when I hear someone screaming inside my house. I run inside to find out what is going on. I go into my sisters bedroom and she is cursing someone out. "Fuck you asshole. Get out of my fucking house" she would scream. I thought she was talking to me. But she wasn't. She was dead asleep. Another time she was asking for more coffee. I wish I would have video tape it!


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Taylor_Blade said:
Yes I am. If only I could find the yellow brick road, maybe I could ask for a brain. ;)

Ain't none of them there wizz-wards 'round these here parts. I done up 'n shot 'em all, wid mah 12-gauge. Ain't that the sour apple o' the bunch. :D

GF: You really oughta videotape the actions of your step-son pissing on the carpet, that was hilarious by the way. This way you have the physical proof to show to the future girlfriends. :thumbsup:

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Fire_ze_Missles said:
Ain't none of them there wizz-wards 'round these here parts. I done up 'n shot 'em all, wid mah 12-gauge. Ain't that the sour apple o' the bunch. :D

GF: You really oughta videotape the actions of your step-son pissing on the carpet, that was hilarious by the way. This way you have the physical proof to show to the future girlfriends. :thumbsup:
My mother has soo much dirt on me as a kid..That's why she aint never meeting my boyfriend :p

And my sister screams out in her sleep too.
And my friend sleepwalks.One night woke up on the bog sitting their with her pants down and the door wide open... :redface: