Slow drivers


Banned - What an Asshat!
So im running this other kid and this slow driver passes us up and he yells out "don't drive to fast now" so then we turn on to another street and there he is with his car on lights off (its at night) and hes just sitting there smoking a cigarette, then I thought the guy was trying to think about he could catch up to us to rape us. :gun:


The Stranger Returns...

I hear ya, ppl are way too slow...all my friends think I tail gate everyone way too close, but it's a rule of mine..if they're not going the speed limit, I'm on their ass...we all got places to go and I'm not much for speeding but if they don't go the speed limit I get easily pissed off, my truck idles high so I literatly hold the brake half way down drivng down the road behind ppl going 30 mph on a 35.
and fuck those ppl who I follow on a 35 who go 25, and then when it changes to 25mph they speed up to 35...what the hell is that about, and those roads that have nothing on them that go for 2 miles and yet it's a 35mph, everyone goes like 50.......OH and this one time this dumbass lady changes lanes to the left without using her turn signal, going through a traffic light..and get this I'm in that left lane...i had to fucking swerve away from her into oncoming traffic for like 5 secs yelling at the bitch to speed up or get back over so I wouldn't get hit, the dumbass motherfucker never even looked at me once, even at the next light I yelled at her to learn how to drive, it was like she was alseep...god I hate ppl who don't know how to drive :mfinger: them all


Devil Without A Cause
its unfortunate, about 98 percent of the world's drivers never should have received their fucking licenses.