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small problem...


Asshole of the Year
okay so as alot of you know I'm in a long distance relationship and have been for a while and things have been getting pretty serious. so this is our first valentine's day and i wished i could have bought a plane ticket and flown down to see her and take her out to dinner and all that stuff, but it just isn't gonna happen this year because i'm completely broke. So she says she got me all this stuff and she sent it and im feeling kinda bad b/c seriously i had to borrow money to buy her a card and get the postage for it. so today her package comes and it has a stuffed animal, some pictures and some cologne, so now i really start to feel like crap. well a couple of days ago i had told her that i have no money what so ever right now and that i'm gonna be able to do very little for her for v-day and she says thats fine and that i don't need to get her anything anyways, which i know is a trap and it means i do but yeah i can't. so she told her mother this and her mom calls me a couple of days ago and told me that if i sent her a e-mail with what i would want a card to say she would order some roses and say they are from me. well the only thing i could think of doing was build her a website about how much she means to me and how much i love her, so i gave that to her last night/this morning and i'm pretty sure she didn't like that so i was like okay strike one. so now i find out that her mom never ordered the flowers so she didn't get anything at all, now she seems like shes mad at me and depressed and i know she wanted to spend our first valentine's day together but there was no way that it would have work, trust me we thought of everything. so now i'm pretty much just sitting here bawling my eyes out tryin to think of some way to cheer up my love but i can't come up with anything everything i've tried so far like stuff i normally say that makes her smile or laugh she just say "oh" or "idk" or "thats nice" so i'm just really confused right now, if anyone could help me out, or give some advice i would appreciate it. or if you want to rag on me, hit me while im down go for it whatever, it wouldn't even phase me right now i just want to make her happy, thats all i care about right now. sorry this was so long.


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Tell her exactly what you told us. Hopefully she'll see your side, and she won't be so upset.

Good luck :thumbsup:

I hope you have a happier Valentine's day next year.


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Icarus is right. Just tell her how you feeel and what you wanted to do for her. Let her know it would mean the world to you to be able to give her something but all you could afford was a website telling her how you feel. I think it's sweet honestly that you at least made her something. If she can't accept that than give her time and maybe she'll realise that you honestly did the best you could. I'd suggest you not tell her that her mother was going to buy her flowers and lie to her about who they were from since she didn't actually order them. but tell her you will make it up to her as soon as you can. then send her two dozen roses instead of just one dozen or at least a good sized teddy bear if she's into stuffed animals. ...If you can at least. An e-mail is nice, but may have not been enough if she was really looking forward to something from you to actually hold. Don't go nuts over this. She may be dissapointed but she will get over this if she loves you and trusts that you had the best intentions.

Hang in there! ;)


Asshole of the Year
I've tried telling her everything but shes had a bad couple of days, she started a new job saturday and she had a really bad day yesterday, shes always been alone on valentines day and i feel really bad about her being alone on this one. everytime i try to talk to her about it she just gets mad and puts up an away msg or hangs up the phone, im about on the verge of just stop trying and let her get over it on her own time.