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That is just so not what I want to be reminded of. I've smelled expired milk before, and that was a scent I would rather forget.


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ever gotten a soda from like mcdonalds or some other fast food place and left it out somewhere for like 2 weeks or so? it turns into some sick solid substance. fucking disgusting.

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Eastside said:
ever gotten a soda from like mcdonalds or some other fast food place and left it out somewhere for like 2 weeks or so? it turns into some sick solid substance. fucking disgusting.

As always, Eastside, you have made the situation even better. :sick:
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I was in some back field with my friends (I don't know how or why) and we had tennis rackets (refer to parentheses #1). I found an old carton of chocolate milk that had been there for god knows how long, so I did the natural thing and chucked it at my friend. He hit it away with his tennis racket and it was speeding right for my face, so I caught it. Milk that must have been a month old got all over my hands, and it smelled disguuuuusting.


In school we use to have those milk pouches. We would leave them on the metal roof and let them sour then use them as stink bombs for sand fights. Those things got rank.


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I had a roomie I dispised in college. I took a 5th of his Jose Quervo and pored it into a gallon of his milk. He had a habbit of coming in at 0 dark 30 and chugging a load of milk without turning a light on.

Needless to say, Jose will curdle milk. He drank, he spewed. I woke up and there were chunkies all over his wall. It stunk but it was worth it.


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if you friend ticks you off take a chapter out of the simpsons... leave a quart of milk behind the radiator before you leave his house... hopefully he wont find it for a week or 5...


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i have 2 milk tricks

1. take a unopened carton of milk from the fridge or bin or something and pocket it. leave it in your locker for about a week and put it back...youll be surprised that some1 actually drinks it.

2. again, take milk and then drench an unused composition book in it. leave it in one of your teacher's classroom's lost n founds. its so fucking funny.
bnccoder said:
Try taking a drink without checking first.
Been there done that. Long time ago, was in the garage looking at my dads ducati, and got reallly really thirsty because it was a stinker of a day. Went inside and found a bottle that said "apple juice" on it. it was a real bottle and all and it looked like apple juice. Bad thing was i didnt smell it first. I just opened it and started drinking. Bullfuck it was apple juice. It was some sort of fucking motor oil for the bike. I've never thrown up so hard, or wretched that many times. And i must have used two tubes of toothpaste that day.

Another thing about milk lets see...
In my room its at least 10 degrees celcius hotter than anywhere else in the house. Quite often i bring the milk up here to have cereal when i can, and forget to put it back in the fridge. So once it gets all hot i just leave it there coz i know i cant put it back. Anyways it full inflates with pressure as it decays and turns ugly. It got so fat one day i was scared to touch it coz it might explode on me. So i opened my window and gently threw it out into the visitors car spot. KABLAM! Fucking milk/cheese all over the road, side of the house, the neighbours car, etc. The stain lasted several weeks.

Another thing is the cereal... when i dont finish the weet bix it just sits here. Soaking up the milk it was drenched it. After a week+ dear GOD i wouldn't be suprised if it got up and walked.