so annoying


How dare you!?
Ahh i have been dating a girl for like more then a month now and she's awesome. She is so great. The problem is... that i cant fucking get her out of my head. I am always thinking about her. I always want to see her. I will do anything to see her. I cant get to sleep at night because i cant get my mind to stop racing thinking about her. I dont know what the deal is.. I jsut cant get a clear second with out her on my mind.
I love being with her and i am not complaining about her. just the fact that she is so great and treats me so awesome that i cant frigging get her out of my head! ahh :mad:


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wow dude, thats awesome for you and all, but it kinda makes me feel like crap now for not thinking about my gf that much, i mean i think about her alot, but wow, you really got something there man, just dont start stalking her.


i had that same problem once. then, well... it just went away, after awhile small things about her started to just bug me a little, then all of a sudden i could sleep. after awhile, and my friends constantly telling me, i realized i was freaking wipped, i was on a leash. i would do anything for her... it ended up bad, and it tooko a lot of guts on my part to break it off :/

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Take some sleeping pills or somethin? I dunno if you're gonna think about her every second of your time anyways, figure out in your head why you like/love her so much and whenever you see her next see what specifically is so awesome about her and decide if those ideas in your head were accurate to reality ..
I used to be like that and realized that what was in my head wasn't what was actuallity. If that bursts your bubble sorry .. but that's how it went for me.