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So apparently OSX CAN run on any x86 hardware


* August 11, 2005 - The Apple Developer kit version of MacOSX x86 has indeed been fully cracked! An anonymous source has sent us a video showing MacOSX x86 booting natively on a Pc notebook Mitac 8050D (Pentium-M 735/1.6GHz)! Check Here (

* August 10, 2005 - Videos of Mac OS X x86 running on an AMD Athlon 64 are now hosted on our site! You can find them here

* August 10, 2005 - Check out the new How-To Guide for running OS X in VMware!
According to the guys at, some intrepid individuals have been able to get OS X running on generic hardware. There is a full explaination and some details on the site.