So how many of you loved that orange tangerine trump?


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This begs the question: "Is a willfully ignorant person a bad person?"

It is true that Trump marketed himself as the one to "drain the swamp", but then he did just the opposite by appointing family members, cronies, and certain political critics, who routinely kissed Trump's butt, to positions of power and influence. The lack of critical thinking in this country is shameful.
You can convince people to believe all sorts of "news" when they're understandably paranoid and scared.

Extremism and political tribalism are the result of fear and dissapointment. Antifa brats are enraged at widening class inequality, mostly young people after being told their whole lives that this is the land of opportunity only for the more complex reality of the situation to hit them in the face, and the Trumpers and Alt-right nutjobs are reacting to government overreach and an appearant surge of socialist thinking that they fear will take the nation they love away from them.

My point isn't that they should be absolved of their actions, just to have some empathy and understanding for them, something serverely lacking in this "everyone is the devil but me" political climate.
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That's actually a great take, and a lot of us can agree, Zippy.

but you are still a punk for bumping this dead ass thread.