Notice So long, and thanks for all the fish!


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Hey campers,

After various discussions throughout 2022, and almost 19 years of (un)faithful service, will be closing its virtual doors in 10 days on Thursday, December 1st 2022.

While most folks have moved on with family, careers, new interests, moves, and unfortunate health issues, it was as good a time as any for us as well and we've chosen December 1st. Personally, I've had some health issues and also been involved in a lot of new projects in retro gaming circles, working on graphics for emulator front ends, moderating some YouTube streaming shows and been extremely busy with my 2 boys.

With all its obvious ups and downs, it's been a humorous distraction and we thank everyone who chose to be part of this era!

We have made many new friends over the years, and have quite a few fun memories of the site. From all the killer WTFRADIO shows, to trying to climb the leaderboards in the Arcade, to all those who confessed your sins in The Confessional, and the hilarity of Taters & The Cock Farm, viewing everyone's poetry or personal creations/crafts, to the giveaways/contests -- we appreciate you! ...even the drama!

We wanted to especially thank all those who have been staff members over the years, many of which were with us for a VERY significant period of time. You guys have become friends, and we really do appreciate all the time you have spent here.

We want to also personally recognize all those who have donated to us over the years to help keep the site running, we sincerely thank YOU!

We'll always be especially proud that we were the result of multiple relationships on this site (the good, the bad, and the ugly!), including marriages and even SPAWN!

We will continue to run the Discord server for the foreseeable future, and the domain name will remain alive with a direct method to connect to the Discord so everyone can still connect with others.

Oh, and FUCK YOU!

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December 1st?

I have so many memories, I really wish I could share them. I've watched so many of you grow up and become great humans. I've watched your children grow from here as well. Just so much awesome packed into such a small place in an ocean of internet.

It is sad. But all things will end.

You are my e-family.

I love you all.

Be good.