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So my appendix ruptured

Discussion in 'Taters & Haters' started by lolguy, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. lolguy

    lolguy Well-Known Member

    It was a week and a half ago, but I'm still recovering and out of work. Yeah, it's been fun. Good thing my vacation started too or else I would just have no money for a while.
  2. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    -=iNsANe=-ADJ I once ate broccoli

    Are you allright now?
  3. Corazah

    Corazah ¬ ¬

    What's that feel like?
  4. Farceur

    Farceur Philosophy Nazi Premium

    I feel you on that, broseph. Mine ruptured and had to come out back in December. That shit sucked.
  5. tuchmewhereipee

    tuchmewhereipee Ground control to Major Tom.

    Hurry up and heal.
  6. Masquerade

    Masquerade Banned - What an Asshat!

    Had a friend Andrew whose appendix exploded. Went to the hospital.

    He was overweight then, and he's since used it as motivation to become the buff motherfucker he is today.
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  7. jujubee

    jujubee ~what it is~ Premium

    I hear that's reeally painful.-Get betta.
  8. Dark Fader

    Dark Fader []D [] []V[] []D

    You don't need it anyway...
    Good riddance! :eek:
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  9. lolguy

    lolguy Well-Known Member

    Aside from some general soreness from where they took it out, I'm pretty much recovered. I have some nifty drugs that make everything better.
    Imagine being stabbed everywhere in the abdomen all at once for a long time.

    Anyway, I'm pretty much done being a lump. Recovery is going well and I'll be able to go back to the gym pretty soon. Happy day and such.
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  10. -=iNsANe=-ADJ

    -=iNsANe=-ADJ I once ate broccoli

    Well when I got mine removed ("only" severely inflammated) I got my belly cut. Reading that, I'm picturing it like.... ewwww.
  11. MaxPower

    MaxPower You're my number two Staff

    Your appendix is gay? How did the colon take it? Did it freak out?
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  12. Masquerade

    Masquerade Banned - What an Asshat!

    There's a play on words involving the appendix as seen in books versus as seen in people, taking it up the ass - ass being rear end - and explosive orgasms in there somewhere.
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  13. beef_roller

    beef_roller The Pizza-Slinger

    If your ass has explosive orgasms... I want to be NOWHERE in the vincinity. :D
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  14. Farceur

    Farceur Philosophy Nazi Premium

    Trust me, the colon already knew.
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  15. meltinginNM

    meltinginNM Not Otherwise Specified

    My 11 year old was in the emergency not too long ago, and the doctor thought it might be his appendix. He was in quite a bit of pain, and very dehydrated, and once they got the IV in they gave him 1 mg of morphine. Fast forward 6 hours: doctor decided it was not his appendix, and while we were waiting to be discharged, I said something my son thought was funny, and after he laughed he asked me not to make him laugh because it hurt. I told him, "don't worry, they say laughter is the best medicine". His reply: "I dunno, dad. I think morphine is the best medicine." I just about busted my gut laughing and so did the nurse and doctor.

    Anyway, glad you're getting better.
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