sometimes like to share what i've written it's hollow but not without meaning

Thought we might make it through
now we know
it's just not true
If ever were a time
it must be time
shoot out and grow
leave us below
Questions I have
always remind me
the feelings i had
all so sad
To be abetter man
of course,
that was the plan
show everybody
who I am, but
I was crushed
broken, left
SOL, who gave
a fuck about
what was
sorry, is not
to be, they don't
really, obviously
want you to see
the hole
inside of me
I try to hide
anywhere from myself
you are still inside
folding Myself into,
Don't want to be myself
rather than anyone else
this one could
use some help
Reminded of past days, when
the whole world went away
brings me to the ground
Need to find
my heart's been
lost ot found
bury me now
I am that low
torn apart, blown apart
yet the pain
doesn't show
my hideous mask of
deafeat and sorrow that
I borrow from those
less fortunate
Is that supposed to be funny?
Is that why you are so sunny?
How about
let us end
that whole
pretend friend
you break
I can bend
I'm so stung
little honey-bee
I'm so stung, and still stinging
Need a destination, before
restoration, have to
give myself back
It' just so hard
pushing you out
locking the dorr
just to find
my windows are open.

That's a few months old and not very well thought out but it describes where I was pretty well. I find myself there sometimes but i've friends with shoulders etc...etc.....