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Discuss Social Media, Accusations, and Suicide


Recently Zoe Quinn accused Night In The Woods co-creator Alex Holowka of Sexual Assault. Because of the harassment and cancel culture he faced from Zoe's supporters, with absolutely no word on whether he was actually innocent or guilty, he committed suicide recently.

It goes without saying in hindsight, but your words inspire action, and actions have consequences. I know a lot of people against freedom of speech use this line of reasoning to censor it, the context I want to highlight is that the universe is unpredictable, and so is our planet Earth. Whether or not she was sexually assaulted, it was not the right thing for her to go to social media to talk about it, but instead the police. I think if something awful happens to you, you ought to tell the authorities first, then if there's a problem identifying who did what, put that out on social media.

My 2 cents certainly won't even work 20% of the time, but I think if Zoe took this to the police, then Holowka would be judged by a jury of his peers and not a jury of 1000+ twitter users, hence he would not kill himself.

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Another problem is that most people these days lack critical thinking skills. They are too quick to pass judgment based on a one-sided story. This Zoe Quinn has some credibility issues:
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