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Flame Bait
Myth No.4: Social Security will run out of money in 2042. Social Security will still be receiving payroll taxes from workers in 2042. What may have disappeared by then are the assets in the Social Security trust fund.

Even that isn’t cast in stone, however. The Congressional Budget Office in June projected that the trust fund wouldn’t dry up until 10 years later, in 2052. The CBO used different assumptions than those used by the Social Security Administration, projecting faster growth in worker earnings, higher interest rates and lower inflation.
WTF so basically by the time we retire we will get no benefits? Also we will have paid more into it then previous years. This really aggravates me, i could make alot more money if the money went into a 3% intrest account.
Social Security and Medicare
tax rates since 1937
Years Rate
1937-49 1.00%
1950] 1.50%
1951-53 1.50%
1954-56 2.00%
1957-58 2.25%
1959 2.50%
1960-61 3.00%
1962 3.13%
1963-65 3.63%
1966 4.20%*
1967 4.40%
1968 4.40%
1969-70 4.80%
1971-72 5.20%
1973 5.85%
1974-77 5.85%
1978 6.05%
1979-80 6.13%
1981 6.65%
1982-83 6.70%
1984 7.00%
1985 7.05%
1986-87 7.15%
1988-89 7.51%
1990 and later 7.65%

*Medicare taxes were first collected in 1966.
Source: Social Security Administration
What are your thoughts on this also here is the link


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