Notice Software upgrades...


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Howdy campers...

We'll be performing some major software upgrades in the next day or two.

This will result in a bit of downtime, likely several hours. We'll do what we can to limit this as much as possible but it will require a decent amount of work.

Carry on.


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
OK.. I'm going to go ahead and re-open for now in beta...

Some changes included...
  • Updated editor (you can create tables, etc.)
  • Emojis and smilies now auto-complete
  • Markdown support.
  • Profile page comments can now use full text editor, bbcode, smilies, etc.
  • Some various updated icons around the site (original poster, badges). Now using fontawesome 5.x
  • Guest page caching...
  • A ton of staff and admin enhancements...
  • URL unfurling (link to somewhere, and you get some live details in the post).
  • Return of per-post share controls (hover over the share icon in posts).
  • New emoji and smilie picker
  • Video uploads...
  • Last post avatars on forum index, and thread list page
  • Better support for new iPhones X/Xr/Xs
  • Password strength checking
  • New live push notifications!
  • A shitton of bug fixes in our custom style and its base style, our custom style has been gone through and we found lots of stuff that are now fixed.
  • ...and more...
Premium Members:
You now have the ability to collect bookmarks around the site of interesting finds, things you want to remember, refer to, read later, etc. You'll see a bookmark icon on posts, and several other pages. Once you add a bookmark, you can see them in your settings/control panel as well as clicking on your avatar picture up in the header of the site next to the word "Your Account" you'll see "Bookmarks".

Next up for premium members: Custom Covers, your profile page headers can be made to reflect your style! Details soon!


In addition to the above, there are several known issues going on right now that need some rest and a new day to resolve.

Some of these known issues are the following:
  • You can not react to or like content as of yet.
  • Site footer is currently missing.
  • Intro boxes (Taters, Welcome) are missing within those forums.
  • In member profiles - Joined & Last Seen are displayed twice!
  • Some reds are now too intense for my liking.
  • Fontawesome Icons not working on forum Help page
  • Live push notifications will be available shortly after I add a missing required module to our php setup.
  • Gamer Profiles not yet live, but they're coming shortly as well!


Silly Face!
Blue skin still works. Carry on.


In browser, CTRL-F5...

We're still working on some tweaks with the pop-up display... Your browser is loading cached images that are outdated...
If Ctrl-F5 doesnt work for some of ya, i noticed some browsers respond to shift+F5 as well.