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some OLD lyrics


A Rampant Vagitarian
Okay.. So. A little foreword. I found this from my archives. It´s from 2002 or smthn.. It is ade for a lyric-contest. It is quite shabby, but I posted it for you to see...
Ignore the phrases that shout out that "I am 12 year-old rap-fan" As I said it was made for a competition.. sort of.

We livin in a sick place
waiting for the harmageddon
to end our days
to take us away
not believin in tomorrow
hopin it´ll end today
waitin for earth to collect our debt away

People keep on livin like theres no tomorrow
no morals, no ethics, just causin sorrow
destroyin the rainforests, like its yours to borrow
so much greed they cant even see the horror
worlds full of drug users, alcoholists and child abusers
self-centered people that cant see they are losers
It´s like evolutions gone backtracking
dog-eat-dog, well shit happens
people without ideologies have gone taggin´
It has lost it´s point, it´s edge, everyones got their pants

Nowadays even the youth´s depressed
no reason to live, all sick and stressed
tv grown ´em to be too lazy
to start a revolution
to change things maybe
today the world no more has no passion
every man for oneself
every man for oneself
every man for oneself..

wake up
smell the coffee
the world don´t change if you don´t change it homie
its up to you
is it the end of the world
or will we survive
changing the curve
just wake up
take a leap from the edge of the world
sneak a peek to tomorrow
it´s all twisted and turned
wake up
wake up

Its like
have no sense of moral
no more idealists
no-ones thinkin´plural
theyr all from the seventies
thinkin drugs and floral
sayin "happiness is a warm gun"