Headlines Somebody's a Little Tired


Seeker of Truth
Maybe it was jet lag, or maybe summit-fatigue.

Bush on Saturday twice had trouble figuring out what day it was.
At a news conference following the U.S.-European Union summit, Bush first said he was traveling on to Turkey on Sunday to meet with leaders of NATO nations.

"Tomorrow I will travel to Turkey for the NATO summit," he said. "Actually, today I will travel to Turkey. Tomorrow is the NATO summit."

Later, he repeated his blunder — still not getting the schedule right.
"As I said tomorrow I'm going to go to Turkey for the NATO summit," he said. "Today I'm going to Turkey. Tomorrow's the summit."

If it's Saturday, Mr. President, it must be Ireland (during the day) and Turkey (at night).
At the end Bush used the mix-up to his advantage.

"No," he told a reporter trying to squeeze in one more question. "We've got to go to Turkey."

Ya think maybe someone else runs his life for him? dumb ass...


Strike First Strike Hard
Not as many people as the Diebold voting machines said.

Diebold by the way is the company that makes all the voting machines. Diebold also happens to be run by CEO Walden O'Dell Who admits to being a huge backer of the bush campaign.

This is on their own site. Some pussy CEO at Diebold