Angel of Death
Some days Its like the cruel sun is smiling down on you. There are no tears to be had and everything is just pale. That brilliant blue color...when everyone around you have smiles and no one cares to look any deeper. Yeah I lived that life once or twice and I sliced it from my fingers with the dull edge of depression. The beautiful blade of hope dripping in the sinful red.

Life doesn't always have to be so ugly sad. Then again it never seems to be quite as beautiful. I long to hear the sweet summer air the way it was when I was but a child. Fearing life, death and all the things that seemed so innocent back then. The night was just a mystery to me but now the darkness has become my friend, my lover creeping in my dreams.

Now I am sitting here alone once again. I rather be there away from all of this, but then you can't always have what you want. I guess that’s what they love to tell you. Putting limits on everything, lines drawn and created by the mind. Never dare to cross...For that is a mistake they tell you. Dear child grow up now, there no time to be young anymore for you. You gotten to old...its time to prepare to just lay down and die or fight for what you want. Just live in the beauty of life.

Some days it seems as though everything is just the way it shouldn't be. Its been awhile since I have smiled, its been a few months since I really remembered how to laugh. I am missing life like candy... I am dreams filled full of faith, hope and all the things that I have become. All the things that I hate.

I guess that’s the way it goes some days.


Pig Tails and a Shotgun
Frist off, fuck ya flaming in this forum is like kicking below the belt, just fucking take your agression to the right places.......
Kit, as much as it's worth, i really respect your words and the truth and life behind them. A look into your soul..... through your own shaded eyes......
very emotional though, i liked it. :thumbsup:
thunks for sharing!


Pay no mind to the mindless Kit.I myself stand before you in applause.
This piece too me,is by far your best work.I found it to be very moving,at times depressing in a good way.To say the less of this poem would be foolish.I was truly inspired.Beautiful job K.

gehtfuct rating:10


Devil Without A Cause
Well, if you can find a way to find a magazine or short story place, you could submit your story, but still wouldn't know how you would do that.