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Something I'm toying with...


Looking for truth
I'm thinking about writing a series of short stories based around the main character in this one. They will only be about ten pages a peice.

A Short Mystery

Two men, badges glistening in the afternoon sun drove down a small city lane into a ritzy area in Richmond, Virginia. The driver was glancing from the road, to the radio, and then to the man next to him over and over again, still jittery after the last radio call. The passenger stared into a cold cup of coffee in his hands, twirling it in the manner that his mind was thinking. We got a live case over at Brent Foster’s house the radio transmission had said. Usually, when Flora said live it meant there was a murder. But what kind of murder would happen at Brent Foster’s house, the president of the East Coast Telecommunications, a multi billion dollar corporation? I can only guess at it, the man thought, as he took a sip from the cold brew. His friend looked over at him and grimaced,” How can you drink cold coffee day-in and day-out, Guy? It’s disgusting. No decent American drinks his java cold everyday except you. Why?” Guy took another purposeful sip from his cup, and then turned to his less experienced partner. “First off, Dan, hot coffee burns when you spill it, and secondly I can’t think while I sip down molten lava.” Dan couldn’t argue with that, Guy was known for having the sharpest mind on the force. Still, he found it absolutely disgusting for someone to favor cold coffee. He looked back to the road and pulled through an opening gateway into a circular driveway and parked behind two other police cars, one of which Dan recognized. “I believe that’s the captain’s car Guy. That explains his absence at are usual lunch time. Which means this must be big.” Guy kept his eyes toward the house and said,” No murder is bigger or smaller than the next. Death is in that house, and it does not discriminate. You need to keep that in mind at all times while you work this case, Dan.” The less experienced officer sighed in exasperation at his partner’s way of always finding something useless to say in an important moment. “Still, you have to wonder what will find in that house.” Guy continued looking on and added,” No, I never guess, I either know or don’t. So until we walk into the house, I don’t expect anything.”
As they approached the door, their captain walked out to meet them with a smile. “Hey boys, looks like my first murder as captain.” Guy looked at the young captain with a slightly lilted chin, and stated,” I hope it’s not too hard on you.” The captain looked back at Guy for a moment, but then Dan interjected,” Don’t mind him, Capt. Joseph, he doesn’t like knew people. He can’t stand me either.” Joseph turned to Dan and smiled.” So, you want to see the body.” Dan turned to Guy who simply mumbled, “I’ll catch up in a moment,” then started looking around at the entrance. Joseph gave a sympathetic look towards Dan, and then led him through the archway of the door and into the entrance.
The mansion was enormous, with a long hall that opened up into a gothic revival replica atrium with a giant stair case leading to an unseen second floor. Joseph led Dan past the staircase into a massive den with animals of a sorts mounted on the wall, carpeted in red, and several large pieces of furniture circling the fire place. On one of the couches, a silhouette of a person in chalk was drawn which indicated the man was lying down. Next to the couch was a black body bag, not yet tagged. “I’ve been here for forty five minutes, and something is just buggin the heck out of me. Notice anything strange,” asked Joe. Dan looked over the silhouette and the couch, then to the body bag, and scratched his head. Guy’s voice sounded from behind,” There’s no bullet hole.” Dan flinched a little at the sudden appearance of Guy. “I told you not to do that Guy,” Dan said in agitation. “Sorry,” Guy replied,” I ran into the morgue men that just got here and figured I lead them into here.” A man and woman stepped from behind Guy and investigated the place where the victim was murdered, and then the black bag on the floor. They opened it up and examined the body, which had one bullet hole in his forehead. Guy walked over and also looked at the fatal wound. Blood was still caked around the hole. “We found him layin face down on the couch. Problem is, there’s no bullet hole anywhere in the couch,” explained Joseph. The morticians glanced at the couch, then back at each other. “Could have slumped over after he was shot.” Dan saw a light go on in Guy’s eyes.” Who are the possible suspects?” Guy inquired. “The prime suspect is the now president of East Coast Telecommunications. He also has an ex wife fighting him for half the holdings on his property. We also can’t rule out the average psycho. Let’s not forget, billionaires make enemies as well as money, and Brent wasn’t known for having kind words for anyone. Honestly, this case could lead anywhere.” Guy turned to Dan,” Well, looks like we’ve got a case. How about we first go interview the new pres.”
They departed from the mansion and as they pulled out, Dan asked Guy,” What are you thinking?” Guy lifted an eyebrow. “Come on, I practically saw the light bulb turn on in there. What’s going on here that has you thinking?” Guy turned to Dan,” There’s no blood. Not anywhere in that house. I checked the entire bottom floor. Nothin at all. Also, the sheriff said they found him face down. That bullet hole was too clean to have been shot from behind. Now, behind his head, I could feel the shards of bone, much rougher than what should be the entrance of a bullet.” Guy quietly added, “Let’s check the company president out before we jump to any conclusions…”
About an hour and one questionable male secretary later, Guy and Dan were standing in the vice presidential office of East Coast Telecommunications. Sitting in front of them was a very attractive red haired woman with a puzzled look as to why there were two cops in her office. Dan was sitting in a chair in front of the vice president’s desk, trying to figure out how to tell this nice looking woman the news. The woman finally said,”Well, obviously your not here to do my line of business. What is it that I am supposedly in trouble for?” Dan piped in,” Oh no, your not in trouble. We just have to check a few people out for questioning.” The woman looked inquisitively at Dan, and Guy stepped in. “Excuse my partner’s babbling, he has a tendency to dance around before he settles into a subject. I am Guy and this is my associate Dan. We are both detectives for the Richmond Police Department and we’re here to ask you a few questions about your recent promotion.” The woman looked strangely at them and said,” My name is Grace and what promotion would you be speaking of?” Guy stated,” Well, as of about an hour or two ago, you were promoted to president of the company due to the untimely murder of Brent Foster.” The weight of the words seem to bare no challenge to Grace’s demeanor, who simply punched a button on her desk and called in her secretary. A man in a suit with slightly bent wrist walked into the door, while sneering at Guy and Dan, looked at his boss and said,” Yes, what can I do for Miss Grace today?” Grace smiled and said,” You can move all of my stuff into the head office, and notify the new vice president of his current situation.” The man strutted out of the room with new dignity, completely forgetting about the two detectives in the office. Dan leaned over to Guy,” She’s taking this a bit too well, isn’t she?” Before Guy could respond, Grace turned her attention back to the two detectives. “Well, gentlemen, is there anything else you need? Or did you just come to tell me about my pay raise?” Guy simply asked,” Where were you about two hours ago ‘till now?” Grace cocked her head to one side in slight confusion, and then smiled as the realization set in.” Of course, you think I wanted to push the prick out for an early promotion. Sorry, I didn’t like the guy, and I love money as much as any other American, but I’m not the psycho. I have been here for ten hours working on a last minute presentation. My secretary will vouch for me and if you’d like, you can look at the index cards I’ve been memorizing for the past hour. Now, if that’s your only question, gentlemen, then I must now add on another section to the speech that includes new management…”
Back in the car again, Guy turned to Dan and said,” She’s definitely not the killer. Her alibi is rock solid and she didn’t react at all.” Dan looked puzzled,” How can you say that as something that defends her. She had no reaction at all. If that isn’t a cold hearted killer, I don’t know what is.” Guy smiled,” You don’t know what one is then. You got the cold heart right, but it’s from her business, not from murder. Still, before we do any more questioning, let’s get the autopsy report.”
The next day Guy and Dan walked through the forensic lab’s door and found a slight man with large glasses pulling a sheet from the face of a body.” Vela, a dead man appears before your very eyes,” said the pathologist with feigned pride. Dan took a step back in slight disgust and Guy took a sip from his new cup of cold coffee. “What did you determine as time of death, Phil?” asked Guy. “Around an hour before he got here. He seems to have died from a gunshot wound to the front of his head. But I also found something else on him that might interest you.” Phil said with a slightly sly look. He turned Brent’s head, and Guy leaned in, seeing bruises on the back of his neck, and then noticed them on his shoulders too. “He was dragged from the original crime seen.” Phil was taken back a bit,” Wow, your good. Ok smart guy, can you tell me anything else after I show you this.” Phil lifted his head and pushed some graying hair up on the back of Brent’s head. Guy saw deep bruises between the cuticles.” He was dragged down the stairs.” Phil looked over at Dan, by now also approached the body. “Your partner is amazing. He should think about being a pathologist.” Phil turned his head back to Guy. ” By the way, is that cold coffee?” Guy nodded, and took another sip. Phil turned back to Dan and said,” He’s a bit short of a screw though, it seems…”
“So he was dragged down the stairs. What now?” asked Dan as he entered the driving seat to the car. Guy sat in the passenger side of the car and said,” Really now. Do you have to ask a question you already know the answer… never mind, I don’t want to be a hypocrite.” Dan sullenly turned the key to the engine and drove them in the direction to Brent Foster’s house…
As soon as they arrived, Guy walked over the police crossing tape on the door and headed up the stairs of the mansion. Along the way he kept his focus on the ground, and then traveled room to room, checking each of them for evidence. Dan stayed one step behind and just watched his partner silently. Guy entered the master bedroom, and a few minutes later called out for Dan to come in. When Dan entered, he saw Guy examining a spot on the wall about three inches across discolored by a still damp layer of spackle. Guy turned back to Dan,” Looks like we found the bullet hole. Judging by the size of it, if I do a bit more investigating, I think I can figure out who the killer is. I need to go off for an hour. Would you mind staying here and looking for evidence?” Dan began to protest, but the kept quite.” I guess you know what you’re doing. Ok then, I’ll stay…”
One hour later, Dan heard screeching tires in the front of the mansion. He walked out to see Guy get out of the driver side of the police car. “I hate driving,” said Guy. Dan smiled; at least he was of some use to Guy. As they both took their appointed positions of seating, Guy pulled out a phone and dialed a number. He held up a finger to Dan as he opened his mouth to speak. “Yes, hello Captain Joe. I figured out who the killer was,” a pause, then,” yes, it only took a day.” Guy hung the phone up, and put it away in his right pocket, then reached under his shirt and pulled out a large .38 revolver. Dan eyes got wide. ”Detectives aren’t suppose to carry those, why’d you get it?” Guy smiled a bit as he said,” It’s to prove a point…”
They arrived at the police station a few minutes later. Guy pulled the .38 out and took the safety off, then walked through the station to the door of the detectives office, while everyone in the station looked on with amazement. Dan followed and was about to open the door, but Guy pulled his hand away. He cocked back the hammer on the revolver, pointed it at the thin clouded glass with “Capt. Joseph Redding” and fired. The gun report echoed loudly through the station and officers began feeling their hips for their own guns. Dan looked at Guy completely perplexed, then shouted to the station, “It’s ok, it’s just Guy.” Everyone looked relieved, and then got back to work. Guy opened the door and Dan entered. He saw their captain with his head tilted back and a hole in his forehead, blood against the wall behind him. Dan shouted at Guy,”What’s wrong with you!?” Guy pointed to the captain’s hand, which held an identical .38 revolver, pointing towards the door. Guy rolled the deceased captain and his chair to the side, and revealed a three inch hole on the back wall. Dan stepped back, “How did you figure it out?” Guy took a long breath, and explained.


Go for it, if you really want to do it, then give it a whirl...

Its worth a try!!


Looking for truth
“First off, it had to be someone that he trusted; otherwise he would have never gotten past the front gate. Next, the pathologist said he had been dead for an hour, meaning that the killer could not have possibly cleaned up before our captain got there, who immediately became my first suspect after that, since he was missing all day and said he had gotten there early. After I looked up stairs at the bullet hole, I knew it for sure, because our old captain used to carry around the same gun assigned to all captains. The thing I needed next of course was a motive. I looked up Joe’s records in the police library. Then I found that his face had a striking similarity to this picture.” He produced a folded up piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Dan. Dan diligently unfolded it and read it out loud. “John Benzino, notorious hired hit man. If seen, contact the New York Police Department.” Dan looked back, “So this guy’s a professional. How did he get through the background check?” Guy said, “Probably had some insiders on the board who were willing to turn away with the right amount of cash to distract them. So, after I figured out that he was a contract killer, I figured I’d try to find out who hired him. I dug through the dumpster and managed to piece this together. Dan received a piece of paper that looked like it had been through a shredder and taped back together. It read,” $200,000 is declared to Joe Benzino as a donation from the East Coast Telecommunications Center.” Dan looked up,” So it was her.” Guy shook his head,” Keep reading.” Dan looked at the bottom of the page and saw the words,” V.P. Morgan Scott.” Dan looked up puzzled and said,” Who’s Morgan Scott?” Guy said,” The guy who Grace told the secretary to inform him of his new office. The new vice president, and I’m sure that was going to change if this hadn’t been solved as quick as it did.” Dan shook his head,” You’re freakin nuts. I can’t believe you were able to solve the case this quickly. I think I need to start drinkin cold coffee.”