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Dain Bramaged
Nine years old you'd be this year
And I can't find a way to forgive
Even though it was not your fault
You still have to shoulder
Some of the blame
Damn you for coming into my life
And not giving me the chance
To live some of it with you
Damn her for never telling me
Of your existence
And damn my friend for telling me
I would've preferred to live
In ignorance then to live the way I do
Caught in the worst time of my life
With every question unanswered
Could I have given you a better life
Than the farce my dad gave me
Would I have left you to live and
Learn on your own
All the possibilities are now null
As I find myself asking the world's
Most famous question
What did I do in some other time
Some other life
To have to be put into this sense
Of doubt
Of loss
How can I ever forget you
If you haunt me every day
How can I ever forgive myself for
Never being there
Finally how is it that knowing all
The shit I do and everything that
I've been through
I haven't given up
I will promise to you that I will
Never give up and hopefully when it's
My time to go
You’ll be waiting to show me the way home

I love you and I miss you even though I
Never knew you...

I wrote that three years ago. My son would've been twelve this year... all of that lost to a drunk driver...

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Well, I really like it, It's very deep. It's very subtle but at the same time not.

I'm sorry to hear about your son. :(


Dain Bramaged
Thanks guys...
As they say, misery loves company, guess sharing some of it helps... thanks again.


Banned - What an Asshat!
POInPR! said:
What did I do in some other time
Some other life
To have to be put into this sense
Of doubt
Of loss
you didn't do anything mate.. trust me i've been there.. lost a son at 6 days old.. i'm not saying it's the same as your loss, infact far from it.. but neither of us did anything wrong.. in your case it was the other guy.. i truely hope they caught him and the other guys in prison hear what he did..
thanks for sharing.. :thumbsup: