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Angel of Death
As anyone who talks to me over yahoo or msn know, it stays up 24/7 in the case on a few rare occasion my hubby gets to come and talk to me when he is spending a few days at a normal camp... Which he is doing right now. So today at 5am Sharp........... My computer starts buzzing like Mad... (on yahoo you can buzz people) Below is some of the text that really made me happy today and no matter what happens on my birthday... this made me feel great.... I wish he was here so bad....


Jesse: wake up hun
Jesse: happy birthday
Jesse: let me see my birthday angel (meaning turn on your webcam...its 5am)
demonitesangel: *Huggles*
Jesse: you'll get a call to
Jesse: morning
Jesse: isnt that just a cheery face
demonitesangel: lol...tired
Jesse: hehe
Jesse: i bet your cold
demonitesangel: everyone bailed out on me for my b-day
demonitesangel: i am
Jesse: what ?
Jesse: who was going to show
demonitesangel: Yeah no one is coming up here with me...
Jesse: those bastards
demonitesangel: my bro, dawn and mike
demonitesangel: my parents
Jesse: those fuckups
Jesse: why did they bail
Jesse: dont tell me its cus they are broke
demonitesangel: dawn has a BBQ with her family
Jesse: your bday is on me!
demonitesangel: donald doesn't want to go with out bonnie
demonitesangel: so Tim and some net friends, cheered me up by saying he will drink with me online
Jesse: thats fucked up her family can always have another bbq and you only get one 21st
demonitesangel: its alright gobbles
Jesse: no its fucking not
Jesse: bonie or donald arnt alowed to come over tell i fucking get back
Jesse: dawn can kiss your ass
Jesse: baby no happy
demonitesangel: I am happy
demonitesangel: I found a comic book store
demonitesangel: that I am going to waste some more money in lol
Jesse: i bet
Jesse: that if i was there you would be laughing so hard that you would pee
Jesse: i'd tickle you
Jesse: i hope that you have some happy times for your burthday
Jesse: i wish i could be there so bad
Jesse: i got a whole list of stuff in my head for us to do
demonitesangel: let me see if i can guess whats at the top of the list
Jesse: ok
demonitesangel: is it eating coco puffs
demonitesangel: lol
Jesse: nope
Jesse: it would start at 5 am
demonitesangel: is it having long passionate kisses and screwing like little bunnies (well we all have our birthday dreams)
Jesse: nope
Jesse: that isnt the first part
Jesse: if I was there now i would wakey, wakey you up at 5 am with some chocolatechip pancakes
Jesse: a glass of chocolate milk
Jesse: and some strawberry syrup with some whip cream and a bowl of strawberries
demonitesangel: at 5 am baby
Jesse: i would talk to you and tell you how much I love you while you ate the pancakes
demonitesangel: have you ever made pancakes
Jesse: yup
demonitesangel: not for me
Jesse: i tryed to make them a while ago before I met you (thats been almost 6 years ago lol)
Jesse: it didnt turn out to well
Jesse: im a good waffle maker tho
demonitesangel: hehe
Jesse: want to hear how the rest of your day would go ?
demonitesangel: sure
Jesse: after you ate your pancakes
Jesse: i would bring out the bowl of strawberries and the chocolate syrup
Jesse: then i would take your clothes off and decorate my new strawberry chocolate Sunday
Jesse: get a Sunday for my Sunday
Jesse: then i would eat you up
Jesse: tell about 7 to 8 am
Jesse: then we would have a nice hot shower to wash the stickies off
Jesse: and probably make love in the shower
Jesse: then we would get dressed and go to a park (where I know what happens at parks with you lol.... )
Jesse: where we could walk and talk
Jesse: tell about 9 or 10
Jesse: then we would go see what kind of movie is playing
Jesse: a movie like finding nemo (which because you loved me you would happly watch)
Jesse: then we would come back at about 12 to 1
Jesse: and go lay down and cuddle for a while
Jesse: maybe make love again
Jesse: tell about 5 or 6 ( Is my soldier sex deprived)
Jesse: then i would take you out to the outback or someplace nice like that
Jesse: have alight dinner and a few mixed drinks
Jesse: or i would just make up some special stir fry for us (stirfry and MRE's the only thing my gobbles can cook)
demonitesangel: lol
Jesse: then we would mix a few light drinks
Jesse: turn the lights out
Jesse: and put some candles on
Jesse: and i would start telling you about all my favorite things that i love and cherish about you

:) .................... So that is my birthday for the day guys.... going to go to bed and dream about it......................................


Sexual Deviant
_Kitana_ said:
:) .................... So that is my birthday for the day guys.... going to go to bed and dream about it......................................

I got you a present ;) You can pet 'em, but he'll spit on ya, look, Barbie will pet 'em...


Angel of Death
GottaHurt said:
I got you a present ;) You can pet 'em, but he'll spit on ya, look, Barbie will pet 'em...

Yeah thats cause Barbie doesn't have any brains lol....

Plus your present is to messy for me.