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Sometimes I wonder why I even try


Fresh Meat
I have seemed to failed at everything it seems and become the laughing stock of the community I live in.

People talk bad about me, look down upon me, and I've been by dates more times than I can count.

Lose weight, gain weight.

All the jobs I applied to are low balling me (like min wage even though I have a college degree but no experience in anything)

I figured maybe I should get a trade, applied to one and failed the first semester.

For fun, I play PS4, but the people on there always harrass women.

I have no friends even though I tried going to events, I feel like I'm connecting with people but the feeling is never mutual.

Starting to get real hopeless out there.


Ultra Mega
That first step's a doozy. We have a real catch-22 going on with expecting everyone to have a degree and experience before we'll pay them anything. If you start somewhere for low pay and you don't enjoy it, or they don't recognize your talents, or it just doesn't click, then you haven't lost anything if you leave there and apply elsewhere -- with a little experience this time. Wash, rinse, repeat as necessary.

I've always made my friends at work. Too much pressure out in the real world and it ends up feeling forced, like you said. Working together gives you something to talk about.


I've always made my friends at work.
I do not have any friends I met at work. For over a decade I have been doing menial labor so my co-workers are the uneducated type who seem to live to drink and smoke. I have never drank or smoked and I have a college degree, but I do not tell any of my co-workers that I have been to college. I guess I am just a misfit too. :shrug:


Well I personally find every single human on the earth annoying. But there are times that people can be nice too. For a job..I do recommend volunteering somehow. You are working for free and gaining experience.. But you are not msking any money.However, at the same time people would be less harsh to you and appreciate your help at your workplace.