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Sometimes writing is dangerous

I wrote this in my school planner, and when it turned up in the office, they got pretty mad with me. No disciplinary action was taken, mainly because I think I got lucky. But because of the Patriot Act, I probably would have been blacklisted as a terrorist or something stupid.

Everyone asking stupid questions
Yelling when you give suggestions
Hitting you with the same old shit
They don't care one fucking bit
If you thought before you spoke
You wouldn't be in this situation
But you see what happened to me
And you think "if thinking really leads to this I'd rather be a dick"
You know when you see an overhead projector
As something to kill with
You're surrounded by a bunch of fucking idiots

I don't care if it doesn't rhyme. I wrote this last night during an argument:

My train of thought works in a way others can't comprehend
If I suck at something now, I'll suck at it forever
Forcing me to be better won't help
I'll just hate you too
No beach parties, no drinking, no flirting
Leave me the fuck alone already
Or I might just land a roundhouse kick to your balls


Somewhere in the Between
Okay don't write them in you agenda.. try like a random peice of paper and stick it in your pocket. Good poem.


[sky] said:
Okay don't write them in you agenda.. try like a random peice of paper and stick it in your pocket. Good poem.
agreed. on all points. Great poem. :thumbsup:
I kind of learned that the hard way after they found it. But I was in school, and I needed something to write on, so the agenda obviously seemed like a good choice.

I still have all the stuff I wrote in there on paper, but I ripped it out of the book and hid it in one of my drawers.

Edit: Oh duh, I forgot to mention, thanks guys.


Chaotic Smacktard
very nice, ill right shit like that sometimes, but i tend to keep it hidden away and not let it fall into the wrong hands.
but ive got a somewhat funny semi-simialr incident
this took place in eighth grade, i was taking an english test and kinda just dazing out, i somehow managed to write "bitch" on the test and the teacher thought it was directed at her(though it actually was) and i had to write some dumass letter of apology
Instead of being like all the other assholes and starting a new thread for every new poem, I'll keep all my poetry confined to this one thread.

My boss at work asked me what I do in my spare time
I told him I like to write songs about fighting the machine
At that moment, he felt sorry for me and I felt sorry for myself
Then I told him I quit
Some new stuff I wrote today.

I have spoken my opinions
But I still have very few minions
I don't feel like I'm being heard
I have spoken my last word

My opinions are not going down
But I can't stay in this town
I don't want to be around
I have made my last sound