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Vescere bracis meis!
Today 8:20am in the morning, on my way to work in the morning traffic, I walk from the subway, passing a red fire hydrant. I stop for just a second or so and some guy bump against me so I stumble and have to grap the fire hydrant to prevent myself from falling. Then I realise the fucking hydrant was freshly painted with still wet paint!!!!!!! I got red paint on my jacket, gloves and some on my pants. FUCK! My new fake Canada Goose jacket ruined, damn it. And one gusetion is why did'nt the painter put a sign up that notice people about the wet paint. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! :sick:
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Why did you make two threads? I'm goona close the other one in B&T so you can still whine about how your life sucks here. with this one thread.


Take the Bus , BITCH !!
oh man !!! SHIT !!

fuck the damn painter who painted this damn hydrant ...

Lawdawg428 said:
Originally Posted by Darklight
you should of chased him down and beat him with a small nearby child...

Small nearby child thats some funny shit
yeah .... 50 points for the child .. twins are 200 points , give him some left right !!