WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Soooo, whats your fetish?


standard people-hater
toys, porn, whips, CHAINS!!! and I possibly have an unhealthy obsession with green eyes. Also, I find myself attracted to the boy next door type. So ready for corruption...yummy...
control! But also chains, being tied up and controlled, role playing. theres more but not gonna say anymore. I would like to bring toys in but neither of us have ever tried something like that.


sugar daddies welcome
I could have so much fun with this topic, but I think if my sis-in-law read it she would die. So I'll just to give you a taste of some of my fetishes.
3 simple words should get your imagination running wild---food feathers and blindfolds.


this is something i wrote on my livejournal it explains my fantasy

before proceding to read this understand that i am a vulgar person.

I haven't had sex in over a month now. I may possibly be going crazy. I keep rerunning the same fantasies over and over in my head. Im on top of the long island rail road platform. Cars are passing by underneath. Its raining and the sky is dark. The water is running down my face as I lay with my tits pressed up against the cement. My wet hair is being pulled gently from behind as my pussy is getting fucked. Im screaming at the top of my lungs with excitement. The feeling is so intense that im beggng him to stop, but secretly not wanting him to. He is pounding away at my cunt and im enjoying every minute of it.

i need sex! septemeber 13th!
well alright then icka ... wow

kay then ... how to follow that?

well ... uh ... about all I can say is that skin is best. To feel a woman's breasts on my bare chest is about the most awesome physical feeling ever. The more skin I can see and feel against mine, the better.

A shitty follow up comparatively to icka's, but ... what can I say? I like skin.

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Hmm, let's see, I have a thing for being tied up, Yeah that could be fun, and urmm.. I love a guy on top of me, and the way I can feel him close, and the way his skin feels...against mine, like anarchist, That turns me on. And a guy's back too. :)


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
role playing...nurse, bunny, being in control->handcuffs tie up my bf or getting tied up..having sex in forbidden places/public, having sex in new places, touching my bf in the most unappropiate(sp??) places (ex..when people are around) but not so they can see..girl on girl, like playing with girls, just for fun ;)
I think that is all..