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Sort of a riddle


Looking for truth
Slice and Dice

Here come the blades of death,
cutting at our heads till there’s nothing left.
Ripping us apart, swing by swing.
Every time there is even a notion of uprising.
Once, sometimes twice a month comes the torture.
Making us wonder in fear, is it our turn?
When it’s time we all try to scream.
But nothing comes out, like we’re in a bad dream.
When it’s over, we pick up the pieces.
We begin reaching up again, like we’re trying to touch Jesus.
And like Hitler’s men, torturing the religious.
It starts again and comes for us.
I myself have been hit four times.
Every moment hurts like a hate crime.
Ripping me from my normal life.
Trying to end me like Death with his scythe.
But somehow I manage to grow again.
Like Prometheus still chained to the mountain.
I’m sure your wondering, how am I not dead?
How can someone live without a head?
Now the truth will come to pass,
every week I am mowed
for I am the grass.


Oppressing your posts...
now I feel bad for my lawn... nice! :thumbsup:


I agree, very creative and it makes you think. :thumbsup:

Keep up the good work!