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Discuss Special treatment?!?!?


The Iron Lung
Do you guys think that black people and other such minorities are receiving special treatment or is it simply a formerly oppressive govt trying to end the vicious (sp?) cycle that is keeping them down?


Original Member
i think that they are recieving special treatmeant. i mean just look at affrimative action. and its all a bunch of bs if you ask me. its just another form of racism to give minorities special anything


Kiss my Converse
Some minority groups get and deserve special consideration in many areas. In every group you have the few who would abuse that end to achieve something they were not qualified for to begin with. At the same time, you have many members of minorty groups who protest this special consideration and want things based on their own merit as a human beings and not their differences. It is naive to believe that racism is not still strong in america, and will remain an issue for minorities for many more years to come. So we still need a system of checks & balances to make sure they get fair treatment, but much of the policy in place now is a throw back to the 50's when racial integration and equal rights were a prominant issue for all minorities in our society.