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spiking your co-workers..


Banned - What an Asshat!
Morro Bay resident Arthur Bethel is charged with making tainted treats that sickened as many as 11 workers at Sierra Vista hospital

Evangelina Sanchez, a nurse's aide, said she grew ill about 3:30 p.m. that day, about a half-hour after eating two slightly burned brownies she found in the break room.
Sanchez said she felt so dizzy while waiting to pick up her children from Laguna Middle School that she threw up "two or three times." Then she dozed off for two hours while her children waited to leave.
When she tried to exit the school parking lot, Sanchez said she almost hit a tree.
Sierra Vista floor supervisor Elaine Jacobs also had trouble driving after eating one of the brownies, she told an investigator with the county District Attorney's Office.
"She found herself stopped at an intersection basically daydreaming, sitting there and not knowing why," said the investigator, Thomas Tolbert.


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
Mmmm, brownie. that'll teach her to steal other peoples treats.


Tony Montana
latinmaxima said:
so why did they get sick. i have eaten brownies with weed in them and never gotten sick

People rarely have such an adverse reaction to marijuana physically. The thing is, the police want to deter people from using it (I dunno, I think it's illegal or something?) so even if they were never actually sick, they were always gonna be "sick" in a police report about it to make marijuana seem worse than it is.
This way, everything is wrapped up nicely and easy to explain:

"Man ate Marijuana + got real sick = Marijuana is the Devil"


latinmaxima said:
so why did they get sick. i have eaten brownies with weed in them and never gotten sick
Yeah, but you expected to get high off of them. Someone who wasn't expecting it, and has probably never done drugs before would feel quite different. I've known people who have thrown up after smoking weed, so it's not that odd really, especially if the person in question has never done it before.

You also probably smoked a few times before you ate brownies, which is a completely different high.