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Sports games can lick my nuts.

I went to a party today. What does this have to do with sports games? well i was too young to hang around the adults, so i go upstairs to see whats going on, and i see all these ghetto wannabe assholes playing NBA street vol2 (they were pakistani ghetto wannabe assholes, they had the accent and everything...) and trash talking and stuff. goddamn it was so boring. the sports game loses it's 50$ value after the first 5 minutes. even when i was playing i was bored as hell. it's even more boring to watch. Here's an idea...why no go outside and actually play the damn game? oh wait, your too fat cause you haven't moved from the TV screen since you got your freakin' xbox. asshole.
how the hell should i know. i'm ranting. when i rant, it's usually indirect
You know that Maddox article where he talks about the Xbox and it says how it's cornered the market on middle aged men who buy one sports game a year?

That is my dad and all of his friends right there.

Most people who primarily play sports games are not gamers, just sport fans. Kind of brings a little shame to the whole hobby.


Hella Constipated
It truly does. Thank god the only sport I've ever been into this this:



Click click boom
yeah, madden players who think they're the shit are just asking to be roached. for all of those who aren't familiar with my terminology, "roached" means to get tackled to the ground by gettin hit REALLY REALLY hard.