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On TV Star Trek: Discovery


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
So here's the teaser for the new TV show coming in January, 2017...

Whats your thoughts on anything you've heard about it?

Bryan Fuller, who is heading things said the following...

What the new series has to do is continue to be progressive, [to] push boundaries and tell stories in the legacy Gene Roddenberry promised, giving us hope for the future,” said Fuller, who also confirmed that the show would be serialized, and will premiere on CBS All Access in January 2017.


I once ate broccoli
Havent really been into any Star Trek series since TNG, but I'll give this one a go.
Why not? I understand that Picard is perfection, but even Voyager's captain is a badass, and Deep Space Nine has a point to into the folds of the conflict.


Walking the PG-13 line
When TNG was on, I was young, pretty much sitting around and doing nothing other than getting wasted. Then life and responsibilities came along.
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