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STARBUCK'S ass flava

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<b>Banned - What an Asshat!</b>
The takeaway coffee cup smelt of ass from Starbucks Coffee. This blonde served me, she must have wiped her finger over her asshole and smeared the shit over the top of the cup where your lips go to drink. It kinda turned me on cause I'm into ass play and the blonde was hot, but at the same time I kinda was pissed cause I know the girl didn't want to turn me on but hurt me. It's some bad mojo karmic waves going about right about now.


CEO of the internet
Why would she smear shit on your coffee? Did you offend her or something?
I don't think that someone would risk their job doing shit like that to anybody unless it was really worth it. Then again, people are weird.


ok, that you're into ass play is nasty. and that the cup smelled like that is nasty too. Just goes to show that you shouldn't piss off the starbucks workers. They'll get ya.