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a buddy of mine calls me the other day, asking if i knew what genetal warts were. i answer ya i've heard of them why? he explains that him and his GF just got back together and apparently she got them during their time apart. so hes askin me how he should know if he got them. how the hell should i know! i was like, ummmm do you see and warts ON YOUR DICK! moron. hehehe not that i know that part for sure. maybe men can be carriers and not accually have the symptoms. anyhoo. warts, whos had them, saw them and know what they look like on girls on guys. this thread is gonna get messy.


im pretty sure symptoms for genital warts would eventually show up on a guy. tell him to be smart and keep his pecker wrapped away in his jeans. why would you sleep with a girl that has warts - i just dont understand. tell him to google genital warts im sure he can find a lot of fun needed information. oh yeah and tell him some chick from new york thinks he is an absolute idiot.

i was acciently logged into my b/f's account.
i was wondering why you signed it. well i';ve never seen them before, but i'm thinkin even on the girl he should have noticed. its his GF they broke up for a small bit then git back together. he didn't think it was necessary. they've been together forever. who knew she had it in her!


It's also called HPV. One of my old g/fs has(d) it. Once I found out that she did, I wouldn't go near it with a 10 foot pole. She said that it went away, but from what I've read on it that's not possible.


Was machen Sie?
men are mostly carriers (most that have it aren't aware), something ridiculously high like one in three women have it, and it's not curable. also, woman can get warts from other things...not for sure but don't remember much more.

tell your friend to visit a dr and get tested if he really wants to know.