WTF ... IS WTF!?
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stfu d:]


a. Draven
hi. i'm new here. i was randomly typing in links when i came across, i've been into randomly flaming people for a while, i gave up on it though as the chance to do it was rare. so if you say something stupid, and i by chance read it, expect to be mutilated. you can call me matt, you can call me susan, i dont give a fuck. someone start shit with me, please. oh, and btw, "FU"


Assassain Wumpus Hunter
shep said:
No fucking way,really.welcome to wtf shitdick :mfinger:
Well, I just added shitdick to my own WTF vocabulary list :) You're very creative, shep.

Welcome to the fucking family, you dipshit :redface:

Oh and BTW, Fuck the Fucking Fuckers.