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Crazy Bitch Steals Sperm

Seriously, Just because they had oral sex doesn't give her the right to steal his sperm. Does it?

NBC said:
She asserts that when plaintiff 'delivered' his sperm, it was a gift -- an absolute and irrevocable transfer of title to property from a donor to a donee," the decision said. "There was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request


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Yes, that is certainly a foul, evil, crazy bitch!!! Furthermore, those judges should be barred from practicing for their actions.


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Um, what!? "I don´t see what's wrong with theft..." Anyway, besides that, it is most definitely wrong if she tries to collect child support. Besides, that's going to be fun to explain to her kid later. "Yeah, honey, the reason you don´t have a dad is because I scared him shitless by proving I was a psycho by stealing his sperm like a covert sperm ninja and then impregnated myself with you. I don´t understand why the deadbeat doesn't want a relationship with you though."


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[sky] said:
She stole his sperm to impregnate herself. I don't see why thats wrong.

She wronged him because:
a) If she wanted his baby, she should ask him. She forced his baby into the world without his knowledge or consent. If it were vaginal intercourse, that would be a different story, but with felacio, there's no reasonable fear of pregnancy. Hence she actions were deliberate deceitful.
b) She gave the father no notice of the birth, no cigar. no phone call "hey, your baby is healthy!', until the law suit. The father has a right to help name the child, make desicions about the child's upbringing, education, etc...

The judges in both courts have damaged the credibility of America's legal system by allowing and reinforcing injustice and setting a very bad precedent. The more instances a judge rules like that, that greater the likelyhood the next will in a similar situation.


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Actually he gave it willingly but yeah it was wrong.

Didn't he get even a little bit suspicious though when after the deed was done all she could do was mumble at him without opening her mouth? LOL

Heads up to you guys though....make sure that if she acts like she's willing to swallow that you give her a good thump on the back before letting her head off out of the room. :p


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IMO once he let it rip in her mouth, the jizz was rightfully hers, unless they had a prior arrangement for the return of said spunk. I know I never want it back. It's the least you can do.
The whole wrongful paternity suit thing is a whole other ball game. Evil bitch. Send her to a penal detention center.
If I was him, I'd file a suit to take the child away, and make her pay support.


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Some girl had sex with an NBA player, took the condom, and then gave the condom to her friend. Her friend impregnated herself, and then tried to get the NBA player to pay child support/marry her.

What a crazy bitch!


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I did a little research on this type of case. Because a new person is created, a major complication enters the picture. The judges cannot only consider justice between the man & woman, but must also insure the welfare of the child. In these "bait & get impregnated" cases (where a woman deceives a man into leaving his seed vunerable, impregnates herself and suits for child-support), most judges would rule in favor of the duped father and penalize the woman. However, children's rights & needs are prioritized above those of the parents. Thus, unless the mother is relatively wealthy, (assuming the child remains with the mother) if the judge rules in favor of father, the child will not be adequately provided for. It is assumed that the mother definitely wants to be a parent, or else she wouldn't steal the sperm to begin with. In these situations the father cannot be made to unwillingly raise the child he didn't willingly create. But the child's provisions must be delivered. Our legal system just doesn't currently have a way to correctly provide justice for all 3 parties.
I believe the best case scenario is one where the father decides he wants to raise the kid, like MaxPower described.


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I can't believe someone actually did that. It's just like a short film I saw once on the SciFi channel. In the film, this chick had sex with a whole lot of guys, saved the sperm via condom and freezer, and charged couples who wanted children for the little wigglers on ice.

Truth really is stranger than fiction.