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strange occurences on irc


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* Topic is '<Junglizm>'
* Set by Junglizm on Thu Apr 21 12:05:13
<yucketh_f> anyone here?
<yucketh_f> w00t 1 year anaversary
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<yucketh_f> what the fuck?
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* sets mode: +oovv [4lien] |Jingles| Boycott |TB|AWAY|
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* sets mode: +oooo |BRiT| Honami Ayu Junglizm
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* sets mode: +vooo |CL| monsieur aliensoup energ0c
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* sets mode: +o Ruri
* MaxPower sets mode: +o [4lien]
* MaxPower sets mode: +v |TB|AWAY|
* MaxPower sets mode: +o |BRiT|
* MaxPower sets mode: +o Junglizm
* MaxPower sets mode: +v |CL|
* Gu|nness sets mode: +o |Jingles|
* |BRiT| sets mode: +oooo Gu|nness moonsee- moonsee MaxPower
* |BRiT| sets mode: +ooo Tukina Momen Yuya

<yucketh_f> WHAT THE FUCK?

this all happened within 3 seconds, in 10 minute spaces


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
I remember when I used to irc. Since I'm at work when posting I can't really do it anymore. That does look weird, looks like a few bots or something.


I dont use IRC much, most of the AIM. I find there are way too many Bots on both but AIM is usually a little bit easier to use.