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good idea: taking a stroll through the park on a nice sunday afternoon with a loved one.

bad idea: taking a stroll through a crowded hallway on monday morning.

what the fuck is up with people who stroll through the hallway. they aren't slow people, or even out of shape so why can't they walk quickly? they literally stroll through dimly lit hallways as if the scenary is magnificent. The worst is when groups of these people do it, such that you can't get around them, but yet there is a vast empty space in front of them. This just irritates me. I'm not always in a hurry, nor am i in any aspect a quick walker so when i walk down the hallway and find people strolling in front of me it pisses me off because i dont want to be late and i have better things to do than walk down the wall way at less than half a mile per hour.



One of a kind
Yeah you have to turn sideways to fit between them. I'm good at it but I know what you mean. I seriously hate when 7 people stop and clog the whole hallway.


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
"Oh my GOD I think I'm gonna puke." works wonders too.

Granted I've always wanted to try a brick to the back of their heads but that's usually kind of a nono in most places.